Sunday, February 26, 2017

Twenty Four Hours

   A few weekends back I had one of the nicest days I can remember in quite some time.  In fact, I think it was the most fun I’ve had since my last, “favorite day,” a couple of summers ago.  On that particular date I found myself visiting my brother in Fargo, ND.  We spent that summer afternoon cruising around town with his car windows down, listening to Bruce Springsteen, while figuring out the secrets to life.  I think the only two times we stopped driving that day was when we hit the McDonald's drive-thru and then checked out a thrift store.  When it finally started getting dark, and there was simply nothing more to bullshit about, we decided to call it a night.  I marveled at what an epic waste of time the day may have seemed to others.  However sitting there, with one of my favorite people in the world, belting out the lyrics to, “Dancing In The Dark,” while the late summer breeze brushed my face I had never been happier.  In addition, I could argue that the day was not totally idle considering we scored a beautiful vintage fox fur coat and a mint condition mod style couch during our one pit stop.  People, they just don’t make finer days than this…
   …except, once in a blue moon, one comes across a day that matches it.  Recently, I was lucky enough to experience one of these occurrences.  The day that I wore this particular outfit was one of these occasions.  My special man friend and I had decided to spend the afternoon together when he suddenly asked if I wanted to go check out one of my favorite locations in Sioux Falls, 8th & RR Center.  Basically, for those of you that may not be familiar with it, this is an outdoor shopping center chock full of locally owned specialty boutiques.  I believe it's worth mentioning my companion is of the rather, "rugged," persuasion and not often interested in strolling artsy shops.  However, on this particular occasion he was quite, if not disconcertingly, content with it and we had a pleasant time roaming around these unique shops.  In fact, while we were there we were informed that there was a local art show nearby that we may enjoy.  I was very interested in attending this event, but was certain it was not possible considering my present company.  Again, my special man friend is privy to his art coming from a taxidermist, not a gallery.  I want to clarify I state this only because it’s true and I am in no way attempting to mock him.  We came to terms with the fact that we are eon’s different ages ago and it works for us. We simply don’t like the same cup of tea…coffee…Mountain Dew…yeah, we don’t even drink the same beverages. 
   Anyway I was about to ask him, “What should we do next?” when all of a sudden he says…and I swear I heard this in slow motion… “Do you want to check out the art show?”  I believe at the time I went hysterically deaf for a few moments.   As a result, I don’t really recall what my exact response was.  However, the next thing I knew we were walking into the gallery at the Washington Pavilion.  There we were greeted with a dark space lit only by fish like sculptures created out of salvaged crude metal objects.  Not only was the area rather psychedelic from all the glowing neon lights, but the gallery was filled with sounds of something akin to whales under water.  The whole scene was pretty esoteric and I was concerned it may not appeal to my partner.  Upon exiting the room I looked to him bracing myself for a criticism that simply didn't come.  “That was pretty damn cool,” he said.  “Yes…yes it was,” I answered uneasily.
   We ended our day at my favorite Starbucks…Starbucks for God’s sake!  My Mountain Dew swilling, taxidermy loving, outdoorsman was sitting cozy at our table with a Grande sized hot chocolate in his hands talking about the art show we just attended!  All I could think was, “Huh, I never imagined I’d be so happy the day the pod people took over.”

Coat:  Lucky Brand  (Gift from Al)
Jeans:  Vintage  (Levi’s men’s orange tab)
Belt:  Vintage
Shoes:  Ugg
Purse:  Kate Spade
Gloves:  Vintage
Earrings:  Vintage
Sunglasses:  Versace  (Gift from Al)

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  1. Oh, I love this post! Your Mountain Man encountered his artistic side!