Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who needs the, "Ring Of Power," when you have the necklace?

   It’s a long running tradition, between my boyfriend and I, that during the winter months we go antiquing.  I can hear it now, “Bleh…they’re the couple that goes antiquing.  I mean how clique, right?”  I’m embarrassed to admit…wait, what am I embarrassed to admit?  I guess I’m just not comfortable with the idea that I’m happy shopping on Saturdays with my honey.  The imagery of us strolling through the antique mall holding hands simply doesn’t mesh with that angst ridden artist persona I’ve been trying to conquer most of my life.  By the way…"HA!"  When I wrote, “holding hands,” what I really meant was we walk beside each other.  Okay, so we don’t actually touch while in public, but we have been known to have rather lengthy conversations that don’t always end in bickering.  After ten years of being together, I consider this a real triumph.
   Speaking of triumph, I’ve learned that there are certain things that can ensure a couple’s successful trip to the antique store.  The main thing being, keep all browsing limited to only items that interest both individuals.  While I’m certain my significant other knows I’m dying to hit the jewelry case every time we set foot into one of these establishments, I always pretend to have absolutely no interest in such things.  Instead I focus on items for the household…things that reflect our joint personality…purchases that include him…because that’s just the kind of girl I am.  I could care less about the expensive frivolity sparkling in the case over there…sparkling so bright I can almost see it’s reflection in the glass covering the picture of wildlife I’m pretending to show interest in…sparkling so much it burns a hole in my memory that can’t be repaired until I break down and return to the store alone, when it’s a more opportune time to consider, “wasting,” my money.   Yep, no one can ever call me selfish.  I sacrifice jewelry for quality time!
   Not too long ago I experienced just this type of selfless experiment.  My significant other and I were out on one of our antiquing trips.  Despite my valiant efforts to avoid the dreaded jewelry case, I unfortunately looked and suddenly found myself staring at my worst nightmare straight in the eye.  Lying there, obviously waiting for me, was the most intriguing necklace I'd ever seen.  To my total horror, the only person I could share my excitement with was my super, “responsible with money,” boyfriend.  I tried to look away!  I attempted to focus on yet another farm themed piece of crap from the past.  However, on this occasion the pull was too strong.  This time it was all about the necklace.  I mean really…ALL ABOUT THE NECKLACE!  I’m surprised I even recognized who my boyfriend was after seeing it. 
   I guess the pictures of this post kind of spoil the conclusion of my story.  Obviously, I ended up purchasing the piece in question.  How could I not?  Not only is this necklace made out of antique buttons, but the main pendant piece looks like the, "Eye Of Sauron," from the, “Lord Of The Rings,” movies.  There was absolutely no way I could leave this item behind.  I was simply powerless.  "The Eye,” was calling me.  The strangest thing about it was my boyfriend’s reaction to it.  The whole thing went like this…I caught a glimpse of it in the case.  Al didn’t even have to ask which piece I wanted.  I believe his exact words where, “The big necklace?”  I…suddenly rendered speechless…nodded my head only half aware of his impending speech regarding how many necklaces I already own.  However, that speech never came.  Instead all I heard through my muffled accessory fog was, “Yeah that’s pretty cool, in a weird way.”  “What?!” I thought.  “The Eye must have taken control of his mind as well.”
   I’m proud to state I didn’t lose all control that afternoon.  While both of us knew I was desperate to take home the necklace I refrained until about a week later.  On that particular afternoon Al was on his way home from a hunting trip when I suddenly decided to take advantage of my temporary solo status.  I hopped in the car and high tailed it to the antique mall.  However, on the way I was forced to take a rather crazy U-turn in order to make it to my destination on time.  All of a sudden, as I was exiting my vehicle I heard my cell phone ring.  To my dismay a rather serious voice was on the other end, “At first I wasn’t sure it was your car until I saw you pull that insane U-ey.  Did you get the necklace?”  Had he not started to laugh I would have thought it was Sauron himself on the phone.  However, then I realized it was just Al getting back into town precisely at the same time I was shamefully shopping.  Of course our vehicles would pass each other at the most inopportune time.  I guess the moral of this story is spend your money irresponsibly way before your significant other is due home.  Also, make sure the item you buy has the power of invisibility…much like Sauron’s other charmed pieces.  This will inevitably come in handy when one is trying to hide their embarrassment.

Jacket:  Vintage
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Kate Spade
Necklace:  Vintage  (Handmade)
Belt:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Gucci

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  1. Hey, Al would have been okay with you buying "The Big Necklace" when you first saw it. However, he was able to catch you when you tried to sneak it by him. Anyway, I liked this post. It confirms that you and Al have a very good relationship. He's a good one!