Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Habits of Haute (A Year of Style 2016)

   I've referred to myself as a, “creature of habit,” many times on this blog.  I admit to being an individual who prefers routine.  In other words, I know what I like and am very comfortable living life within this familiar territory.  In the past, I recall feeling guilty regarding my lack of change.  People would ask me questions like, “Did you get married?  Have you had any kids?  Are you STILL hanging out at that same Starbucks all the time?”  Of course, my answers would always remain the same, “No…No…and Duh!”  I literally recall people looking at me with a smug, “Man, you’re in a rut,” smile.  To this day that smile irritates me.  In fact, it’s that specific facial expression that has inspired me to write this post…that, and the arrival of another new year.
   I want to first clarify that I find nothing wrong with those who don’t embrace change.  To me, it seems probable that these people are content in their chosen lifestyle.  What’s wrong with knowing which coffee house makes the best decaf vanilla latte in town?  Why should I force myself to slug down a bunch of bitter beverages when I’ve already found my favorite?  I guess I feel like that last sentence could be used metaphorically for most aspects of my life.  Basically, I’m happy with the way things are going so I encourage people to smile genuinely for me. 
   However during the year of 2016 there were times my own smile faltered.  Yep, this was the year that, “Same Ol’ Same Ol’,” felt inspired to make a major life change.  2016 will forever be remembered by me as the time I quite suddenly left my job of ten years to pursue…well, I had no idea.  That’s the peculiar thing about me.  When I finally do make a life change it’s usually swift, major, and semi-dramatic.  Again, I never just switch coffee houses…seriously, why would I do such a ridiculous thing? 
   While I've started adjusting to my new path, I can’t help but reflect on how different last year was for me since leaving my previous employer.  I can only explain it as a ripple effect.  One seemingly, “cataclysmic,” event changed my whole routine for the majority of last year.  Suddenly I was no longer reading my books…I had to look for a job!  I hardly stepped foot into the library…I needed a job!  I knew it was serious when my Starbucks gold card balance never changed because…who had time for coffee?...for the love of God, where would I find a job?!  Like I said, I can be very dramatic.  However, these were literally the thoughts going through my head as I frantically searched my soul for what my next calling would be. 
   While I’ve since found a new direction that is currently rewarding, I’ve noticed many of my previous habits have still not returned.  I have yet to pick up a book and I seem to be only frequenting coffee houses with other individuals.  Okay, I go to the coffee house with dad lately…and we’ve been going to Caribou.  “Sob!”...that Caribou thing was hard to admit...why would we do that?! 
   In conclusion, 2016 was a year of substantial upheaval for me.  There was a lot of running around, hands clutching my head, yelling, “What am I going to do!”  I guess that’s what makes me extra proud of some of the pictures I took last year.  Despite the fact that for a decent amount of time I felt like I was free falling, I look pretty damn confident in these photographs.  I guess it’s just further proof that clothes have the power to cure whatever ails you.  In 2017 I look forward to continuing my new career adventure and I pledge to embrace wherever it may take me.  In addition, this creature of habit can’t wait for all the new clothes this year may bring.  If I've learned one thing from last year, it's that nothing sweetens bitter coffee more than an outstanding outfit.

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  1. Hey, what's wrong with having coffee with your Dad, even in a Caribou instead of Starbucks. I don't mind a little watered-down java once in a while when it is convenient and I do like the location of that Caribou and I like the shop itself.