Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Her name is...Leo?"

   I have no problem admitting one has to be slightly touched to maintain a style blog during a South Dakota winter.  Several people have asked me, “Why not just take pictures inside?!”  While this is a valid question, I simply can’t consider following this rather sound advice.  The only justification I can give for my ridiculous behavior is the last picture of this post.  This image alone is why I can’t take blog pictures inside.  The fact is, I never would have captured this photograph indoors.
   I like to fancy myself a photographer, but really I’m not.  Yeah, sometimes I luck out and get a great picture that makes me privately slug myself on the shoulder and think, “You should have had a career in this!”  However, I’m aware that many of my pictures are a result of trail/error and dumb luck.  Basically, if one spends forty-five minutes snapping off ninety photos at least four of them are going to look decent….usually.  Admittedly, there have been those dog ugly days where I’ve simply hung it up.
   However, as the title of this post suggests I'm a Leo and therefore love being center stage.  I'll try until the cows come home to get that perfect shot and then, of course, I’ll photograph the cows…which seems to be really popular right now.  Has anyone else noticed how many home décor stores are carrying giant cow portraits?  If I ever get tired of my style blog I may start an, "Images Of Animals," series.  Arguably I’ve already done this, due to some of the not-so-great looks I’ve featured over the years. 
   Anyway, I’m proud to state that the last picture of this post is definitely an image I’m proud of.  Actually there have been several of them throughout the course of, “Little House Of Haute.”  I've privately considered framing some of them to hang in my home.  I would use them as reminders of my potential talent and beauty on the days when I feel just the opposite.  However, I can’t seem to justify really doing this.  It’s one thing to be narcissistic enough to post images of yourself all over the internet, but to have them hanging up in your home just seems gross.
   As a result, I’m left gazing at my favorite pictures on a computer screen.  I stare at them and think, “For the second it took to take that picture I looked like the woman I always wanted to be…and I have proof of it!”  The strangest revelation is the fact that most of my favorite images were taken when I was in great discomfort.  For example, the last picture of this post was captured when the temperature outside was well below zero.  As I stated earlier it was sheer lunacy mixed with Leo pride that made me attempt photographs on such a morning.  Well, that and the fact that I always seem to get a perfect picture on the harshest of days.  I guess I'll admit to being superstitious as well as stupid.  However, the facts are there.  Each time I’ve captured a favorite portrait of myself it's been under rather unpleasant circumstances.  During this particular occasion I had the real possibility of expiring from the cold.  I can’t help but wonder if an individual is their most beautiful right before death?  Deep...I know.  In continuation of this philosophical discussion all I can say is, “What a bummer.”
   Lastly, I want to persuade others to take time to photograph themselves.  Obviously you don’t have to be a professional to capture images that will make you feel amazing.  I’m living proof of it…well barely, since I almost froze to death…"eh hem"…several times.  Seriously though, I suggest finding that image of the individual you want the world to know and advertising the crap out of it.  If you don’t brag about your potential nobody else will.  Also, if you see me running towards the next tornado that hits town please try to persuade me to go back indoors.  Even when I argue that no other wind machine will make my hair look better.

Coat:  Thrifted
Sweater:  Vintage
Jeans:  Liverpool
Boots:  Ugg
Mittens:  Handmade  (local artist)

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