Monday, December 26, 2016

Post Spirit Slump

   Christmas is officially over and the worst stretch of winter lies ahead.  Living in South Dakota can be extremely challenging this time of year.  Ordinary daily activities seem virtually impossible when dealing with such harsh climates.  For example, fashion blogging on the plains in December should only be pursued by the extremely determined or slightly insane.  Lately, there have been numerous outfits I've begrudgingly worn due to the fact that I was unable to photograph them without serious risk of frostbite.  Keep in mind I did state one should be insane to pursue outdoor photography this time of year.  Despite my frequent lack of good judgement, lately even I haven't been fool enough to brave the elements for a few glamour shots. 
   Of course, admittedly the quality of my recent, "fashion photography," is not at its finest.  To put it simply, “It’s just too damn cold outside!”  I can’t dress the way I want without freezing to death.  I can’t walk to the locations I prefer as scenery without freezing to death.  I can’t pose for the camera long enough to get that perfect shot without…you got it…freezing to death.  The fear of death is actually quite legitimate when enduring a winter on the prairie.  Keeping that in mind, I refuse to die in my boring old Ugg boots.  I can imagine it now.  The people who would find my body would look at each other with that knowing glance and state, “Another thirty-something wannabe style blogger in Uggs who simply wouldn’t give up on that perfect picture.  I mean please, haven’t we seen these boots in the last four posts?”
   The day I photographed the above images I decided to fight my winter blahs by daring to pair a skirt with my clique Ugg boots.  I was also extremely excited…it’s the little things people…to wear, for the first time, a fabulous new purse I had acquired this year during Black Friday sales.  However, before I left the house it started to sleet and while I refused to let the weather hinder me from photographing the most interesting outfit I’ll probably style this winter, I did decide not to risk ruining the suede on my new handbag. 
   Interestingly enough, the day I wore this outfit I ended up meeting my parents and to my mom’s credit she was carrying an equally awesome purse she had purchased on Black Friday.  I really couldn’t believe she had done it.  Here it was spitting droplets from the sky that could have been lava from the way I was behaving.  However there was mom, carrying her brand new beautiful bag without even seeming to notice.  “I can’t believe you brought that purse out in this weather!” I exclaimed to her.  She answered me by simply stating, “What the hell else am I going to do with it?  I’m not having it displayed in a museum.  I bought this thing and I’m going to enjoy it!” 
   At that moment my mom reminded me of something very important.  Enjoy the things you have in life rather than try to preserve them, because nothing lasts forever…except winter in South Dakota.  I can’t help but think these pictures would be so much better had I just carried my beautiful new bag that day.  It wouldn’t matter that I’m back to taking photographs in front of the garage.  My pained facial expressions from the freezing cold would be of no consequence due to the awesome arm candy I could have carried.  Lastly, any person who may have come across my frozen corpse that afternoon would not have even noticed my tired Ugg boots.  “Would you look at that kick ass purse,” they would have stated, “Now that’s worth freezing for.”

Coat:  Ann Taylor Loft
Sweater:  Ralph Lauren
Skirt:  Vintage
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Handmade by Mom  (It may not be Coach, but I still love it!)
Belt:  Thrifted
Necklace:  (Purchased at Zandbroz Variety in Fargo, ND)

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  1. That kick-assed purse would have survived the weather! Just carry it when you want to. I liked this post very much, maybe because it refers to two of the most important women in my life.