Sunday, November 6, 2016

Phooey to Patterns!

   Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the patterns of my life.  I’ve mentioned multiple times that I'm a true creature of habit.  I don't like change.  At least, that’s what I’ve always thought.  However lately, I’m noticing I’m more adaptable than I first considered myself.  My God, could I be open to spontaneity? 
   For example, in the pictures above I’m wearing a button down shirt paired with my sweater vest rather than my usual, "uniform," of a solid colored t-shirt.  “What, that’s just insanity!” you think.  Agreed, however since beginning my new job I’ve been wearing almost nothing but button down shirts.  Surprisingly, I’ve realized I really like them.  In fact, this break in routine was so major that my boyfriend, (whose name is Al, so you can probably guess his interest level when regarding fashion,) even said to me, “So when did you start wearing dress shirts?"
   I guess I began wearing them around the same time I discovered the polo shirt.  While I will NEVER wear a polo shirt anywhere other than work, I will say they're an easy way to casually, “dress up."  Again, I had a fellow co-worker comment to me, “I have a bunch of polo shirts at home I never wear.  I should give you some of them since you like them so much.”  In response to this I looked around the room and thought, “Who the hell would wear ugly polo shirts?...wait…is she talking to me?” 
   Actually, it’s not just my clothing patterns that have started to alter.  I also have been trying to relax my behavior.  Just last week I finally was able to relaunch my, "dead in the water," music blog.  Up until now, I simply haven’t had the time to pay attention to it.  Between work and everyday tasks I couldn't keep up with the rigid guidelines I had created for myself.  I mean, who really has the time to listen to an album on three separate occasions, take notes, do additional internet research, and then write a detailed report reviewing it's content.  Honestly, the whole process kind of sucked the joy out of an otherwise lovely hobby.  “Who burns incense while doing homework?” one may wonder.  "Sigh...Yep, that would be me."
   However, in my quest to break patterns, and possibly enjoy my albums again, I’ve decided to say less and listen more.  My music posts are now shorter and there will be no note taking!  In addition, after releasing last week's post, on a THURSDAY rather than my usual Wednesday, I’m feeling like a real rebel.  Actually, I was feeling so out of character that I decided I would go to the grocery store today WITHOUT A LIST!!!  I literally thought I may become paralyzed in the store without one.  To my surprise, I ended up leaving with what I considered a decent selection of responsible food…minus the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…and the French Onion Dip…and the Totino’s pizzas…oh yeah, and don’t forget about those delicious cheesy crackers they make into little peanut butter sandwiches….fine, who am I kidding?  All of that crap would have been on my official list anyway, had I made one.
   I guess I just wanted to finally be able to state I’m starting to realize the potential in the unexpected.  Right now I seem to be going through a phase where I want to take my regular patterns and mix them all up.  Damn it! I’m going to wear polka dots, hearts, and floral prints all at the same time!  Do you want to know why I would do such a thing?  Because I’m a button down shirt wearing, no note taking bad-ass, who shops for groceries without a list.  I anticipate I’ll also be drinking a lot of Pepto-Bismol in the near future…WITHOUT measuring it first.

Sweater Vest:  Thrifted  (Handmade)
Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Boots:  Dr. Martens
Purse:  Monserat De Lucca
Scarf:  Etsy
Ring:  Guess

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