Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Blues

   Warning:  what you're about to read is not going to be the most compelling post.  I just rolled into town after spending the weekend in Fargo, ND and I’m feeling rather, "Blah."  This is a typical mood for me once a trip is over.  I think of it as, “Back to Reality,” mode. 
   I've been looking forward to heading north for months.  Not only did I get to visit my brother over the Halloween season, (yet another perfect reason to force him to watch B rated horror movies with me), but we attended the Fargo Record Fair with my father. This activity is actually becoming an annual tradition for us.  Last year was our first time attending this event and I didn’t think it was possible to have more fun than we did then.  Yet again, I was wrong!  I know, it’s hard to believe.
   Before arriving at the Fair I'd smugly stated to our little group that I had my doubts I’d find anything there that really interested me.  I'm aware I just bragged about how much fun we all had at last year's event. However, I was certain that North Dakota could not twice produce anything that would impress me.  Let me clarify, in the past I’ve stated I can be a snob when regarding clothing.  This declaration is also accurate when describing my taste in music, movies, and…uh...let’s just leave it at, I can be a real ass.  I literally went into the Fair thinking I would leave virtually empty handed.
   …and that’s the last thing I really remember.  I think from the moment I started flipping through the first crate of albums I fell into some kind of fugue state and started hysterically handing over wads of cash to vendors.  Yep, from the moment I found an amazing 90’s compilation tribute album to Black Sabbath I knew I wasn’t dealing with the usual tired selection of discarded Steppenwolf Greatest Hits records.  I was in trouble!
   Of course trouble can be a whole heck of a lot of fun.  I ended up leaving the Fair with a huge stack of, what I consider, unique selections and absolutely no money to my name.  In fact, I actually had to leave a few albums behind that I desperately wanted simply because serious pangs of guilt were starting to set in.  Let me repeat, this habitual over-spender was starting to actually feel guilty!  That's heavy.
   I guess one would assume I titled this post, “Sunday Blues,” due to the fact that I'm now seriously broke.  I’m here to tell you, “You obviously don’t know me.”  I’ve got, "The Blues," because the euphoric escape from my everyday mundane existence is over.  Wow, reading that statement back to myself makes me wonder if I have more than just, “The Blues.”  It's called boredom people and I hear vinyl can be the cure for it.
   Now that I have a whole new selection of 80’s new wave and punk to listen to I anticipate good times ahead.  I may have to return to the adult responsibilities all of us face, but I certainly don’t have to accomplish them while listening to mature music.  Furthermore, I now have the perfect album line up for my impending, “Winter Angst,” mode.  In fact, all of my, “modes,” are compatible with the music I purchased at the Fargo Record Fair.  So one could argue there was a method to my madness.
   At this point you may be wondering what the point of this whole, “sad,” post really is since I’ve not once mentioned the photographs above.  Um…I’m wearing blue?  That’s all I got folks.

Jeans:  Gap
Purse:  Matt & Nat
Belt:  Thrifted
Bracelets:  Amrita Singh
Sunglasses:  Dolce & Gabbana

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