Sunday, October 9, 2016

Urban Prairie Girl

   I like to think of myself as a real woman of the world.  What I mean by this is that I consider myself to be a fairly wise individual.  Wise and modest, ironic isn't it?  Let me clarify when I state, “wise,” I don't mean book smart.  While I’ll proudly boast to picking up more than the occasional book, I'll admit that serious literature is not my first love.  Likewise, I don’t have the best attention span when it comes to topics that don’t immediately interest me.  For example, math was never my strong subject.  Let me tell you, if my teachers could have just worked the occasional Frye boot budget into a story problem I would probably be a freaking engineer today.  Sigh...sadly, smart is definitely not the first word that comes to mind when defining myself.
  Lately, I guess a more accurate adjective to describe how I like to think of myself would be enigmatic.  Yeah…I like the sound of that.  One may think that accomplishing the status of, “mysterious” would be a pretty daunting task for the everyday individual residing in boring old South Dakota.  I mean, how difficult is it to interpret the woman in the above pictures?  You got your silo?...check.  Prairie skirt?...check.  Fringe purse?...check.  Recently purchased secondhand Wu-Tang Clan album queued up to play on the old turntable?...uh, check?  Wait, this outfit doesn’t scream early 1990’s hardcore hip hop?!  The hell you say!  If you think this skirt looks cool merely blowing in the wind you should totally see it while I’m doing the Running Man.  “Who the heck does the Running Man anymore,” you’re probably wondering.  “This lady…in heels,” I answer.
   Of course, “this lady,” is the absolute only person to do that dance in like twenty years.  At least that’s what was explained to me by some of the hip youth of today.  Apparently, these youngsters have turned their attention to more current moves like the Whip/Nae Nae, the Stanky Leg, and the Dab.  Wait…I’m not certain it’s THE Dab.  Maybe one just does a Dab.  That’s a question for the kids at my workplace.  However, there’s one thing I know for certain.  The Etsy artist who originally sewed this skirt for me probably didn’t intend for it to be Dabbing anywhere…especially on an acreage in South Dakota.  Dabbing…did I say that right?
   I guess my overall point here is my life can be kind of convoluted.  At one time I had a good friend of mine say to me, “Rayna, you have a lot of interests!  I don’t think you have time for all of them.”  I'm starting to suspect I took this statement as a challenge.  “Why can’t I mix my, “Little House on the Prairie,” inspired look with hip-hop,” I wonder.  Depending on one’s opinion maybe these pictures are proof of why one shouldn’t do such a thing.  Like my friend said, “I have a lot of interests.”  Sometimes these interests come together to create a very, "enigmatic," outfit.  I like to think it’s just this type of wacky ensemble that shows the depth of my wisdom when regarding fashion…
   …or, it could be that the Etsy artist I purchased this fantastic skirt from calls her shop Urban Prairie Girl.  As I mentioned before I can read pretty well, especially when the topic interests me.  I suppose it’s conceivable that this outfit and my startling choice of music while wearing it was not a result of my expertise in cultural diversity.  Maybe it’s more likely a subliminal consequence of a cool online shop name.  Either way, I’m going to perfect the Whip while wearing this skirt.  Hip hop vixens beware.

T-Shirt:  Insight  
Skirt:  Etsy  (Handmade)    
Boots:  Vintage  (Made In Brazil)
Purse:  Banana Republic
Belt:  Vintage
Earrings:  Purchased at Zandbroz Variety  

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