Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nailed it with the Necklace!

   It feels kind of odd to be posting pictures that show snow on the ground when those of us in South Dakota are finally experiencing spring weather.  However, that’s the world of blogging.  Unfortunately, at this time my life consists of nothing but work and Starbucks so the last time I really had a chance to take any photographs of myself was quite a while ago.  Heck, the last time I wore actual civilian clothing seems like eons ago.  These days if I’m not wearing a polo shirt with a logo on it, I feel glamorous.  Sometimes it takes very little to make me happy.
   Returning to the topic at hand, I hope to be able to have a chance to take some pictures soon.  It would be a nice change to show a little bare arm in a photograph…or at least a wrist.  Yes, a wrist would be excellent, considering I have a fairly large collection of bracelets that I would like to feature on this blog.  Of course, I haven’t had the chance to do so, due to bulky sweater season.  Yep, it’s time to justify all those bangle purchases at Goodwill.  Bracelet season here I come!
   However, as far as the above photographs are concerned, my jewelry options were a bit limited.  This is really unfortunate considering I often find the right accessories can totally, "make," an otherwise boring ensemble.  Yeah, it may be cheating, but sometimes I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to construct an interesting outfit.  It’s just so much easier to throw on a nice statement necklace and wait for the compliments to come.  “Wow, I like that necklace!” you may hear and suddenly other individuals remember a, “Ho, Hum,” look as, “That really cool necklace!” 
   Does this so-called style blogger feel guilty relying on one impressive accessory to carry her entire look?  Nah, when you really think about it, women do this all the time.  Ask yourself, “How often do I see an individual decked out in yoga pants and Louis Vuitton?  It’s like these people think, “Yeah, my outfit sucks, but I dare you to say that to my purse.” 
   While I don't indulge in the knit pant craze, I'm extremely partial to wearing jeans.  I can truthfully say this goes double when there’s snow on the ground.  Of course, now that I’ve made that statement I feel pressure not to wear jeans anytime in the near future, considering I believe we’re finally in the clear as far as that white stuff goes.  Hey, maybe snow isn’t so bad.  It allows me to freely indulge in my favorite fashion crutch, while simultaneously giving me the perfect excuse to continue buying more jewelry.
   Keeping all of this in mind, I wanted to write a post regarding the necklace I’m wearing in the above photographs.  On the two recent occasions I wore it I was feeling rather underwhelmed by my ensembles.  I guess I felt like the best part of both these looks was my necklace.  I want to clarify, as of now this piece is a favorite in my collection.  Honestly, it darn well should be since I ended up nearly risking life and limb just to obtain it.  It's a fact I actually purchased it during a surprise deluge that had me stranded in my car for about three hours after I left the store.  What we won’t do for fashion, right?
   In closing, I take comfort in the idea that my outfit can basically be crappy as long as I have one, “Wow,” piece on.  Interestingly enough, while looking at these photographs I do acknowledge the fact that my necklace is not all that visible in these pictures.  Presently, I find myself thinking, “Hey, those outfits weren’t as bad as I thought they were.”  I wonder, “Maybe the power of this necklace isn’t based on its' ability to perfect a look.  Maybe its’ magic has more to do with how it makes me feel."  If this hypothesis is true just think how awesome my self-esteem will be when I add about five bracelets into the mix.  Yep, I’m building armor out of jewelry.  A warrior never looked so good. 

Outfit #1
Coat:  London Fog
Vest:  Flying Tomato
Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Moccasins:  Lucky Brand
Hat:  Wooden Ships
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade

Outfit #2
Coat:  Nick & Mo
Jeans:  Liverpool 
Boots:  Juicy Couture
Purse:  Jonathan Adler

  Necklace:  Vintage  

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