Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wiseguy In A Sweatshirt

   Once upon a time a long, long while ago there was a little sitcom called, "Roseanne." While I can't define this show as one of my favorites, I can give it credit for often accurately portraying the average American family. One outstanding example of this can be found in the infamous chicken shirt that was worn by almost every character on the show. I have always thought the idea of a, "community," shirt was brilliant because in reality family members share clothing. Interestingly enough, it's often the most ugly, ridiculous, "comfy," pieces that get passed around. There was more than a few times, while watching, "Roseanne," I found myself wondering, "Where can I get one of those chicken shirts?"
   Now I state family members share clothing, and my particular family is no different. Actually, maybe we are because now thinking about it I can only recall me stealing everyone else's stuff. Thank you Dad for those amazing Champion sweatpants, (Death to all yoga pants! I want to look like a member of the Harlem Globetrotters!) Thank you for the vintage biker belts, and that long 70's corduroy coat. Thank you brother for that splatter print trucker hat and brown striped sweatband for my wrist, (Is anyone else still sensing a Globetrotters theme here?) Unfortunately for me there's not a whole lot of clothing I've been able to steal from my mom due to the fact that she's a petite 5' 2" beauty that comes from a long line of little Croatian ladies. I, on the other hand, seem to have favored my father's genes and am an amazon woman reaching 5' 10" while wearing her stolen Champion sweatpants, (The Globetrotters dream is seeming more realistic all the time.) All I can say is while I haven't been able to steal many clothes from mom, due to my hulking size, I'm seriously thankful to have inherited her Eastern European cheekbones. I guess I'll take those over a vintage pink mini dress any day. Well, maybe...
   One of the few items I have been able to acquire from mom is a black sweatshirt with the logo, "Wiseguy," written in purple across the front. For those readers not old enough to remember, "Wiseguy," was the name of an American drama TV show during the late 80's that revolved around an Italian undercover agent in pursuit of members of organized crime. Overall, the show was fairly short lived and rather obscure but leave it to my mom to have the sweatshirt for it! Gotta love that woman. Much like the chicken shirt in, "Roseanne," my mom's, "Wiseguy," sweatshirt was bizarre, kinda ugly, and overall funny. Of course, I had to have it! 
   Over the years the, "Wiseguy," sweatshirt became a staple in my lounge wear. Mom referred to it as the shirt I wore when I was down. I guess it was kind of an emotional crutch for me. Not only was it comfortable, but it reminded me of mom. I chose to write about the, "Wiseguy," shirt today because I still stand by the idea that there's nothing more comforting than a good sweatshirt. Today, "Wiseguy," is rather old and faded. While I haven't gotten rid of it, I have updated with the top I'm wearing in the above pictures. I pulled it out of a bin at a local thrift store and as soon as I laid eyes on it I knew, this is my new emotional crutch shirt. When I wear it, I am safe.
   I guess everybody has their favorite pieces of clothing. Often times these items are some of the strangest, unremarkable pieces we own. I feel lucky to have, "inherited," so many of these things from the people I love most. Sometimes I wonder why they've not tried to steal my clothes in return. I guess not everyone feels invincible in shoulder pads and sequins.

Sweatshirt:  Thrifted
Shorts:  Thrifted,  (Upcycled with homemade patches by me)
Sneakers:  New Balance
Necklace:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade Saturday


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