Sunday, November 15, 2015

...and costume change!

      Sometimes our appearance doesn’t always go as planned.  Actually, I can confidently state that most of the time my ensembles do not end up the same as they started at the beginning of the day.  I like to think of fashion as a work continually in progress. There seems to always be room for revisions.
   Many mornings I start with a loose concept of my, “look,” and find myself adding things as the day goes on.  I admit I have a very bad habit of thrifting during days off.  This being stated, there is nothing more fun than unexpectedly finding treasures to add to one’s outfit.  The easiest excuse in the world for buying a new bracelet is, “Well, this yellow matches my pants perfectly.  No, don’t bother wrapping it up.  I’ll just wear it out of the store.”  When my path crosses the perfect accessory to what I’m wearing it’s like speaking the password to open Tolkien’s, “Doors of Durin.”   Suddenly, I’m entering, the mystical, “Mines of Moria." Yes, my new yellow bangle bracelet, circa 1982, completes the days’ quest for the perfect outfit.  With this bracelet I’m a stronger force among the fashion elite.  Yep, with this fantastic new accessory there’s not a style snob out there that would say, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS,” to me.  I'm wearing treasures.  I am invincible.  It’s scary, the kind of crap that goes on in one’s head when they’re trying to justify another impulse purchase.
   The other reason my appearance is often altered by the end of the day is the weather.  This was the issue I was dealing with the morning I took the pictures above .  I think it’s fairly obvious that on this day the wind was, to use an often overused fashion phrase, fierce.  It was as if it was blowing straight out of the depths of the dwarves’ chasm warning me of the ancient evil that would surely come from another shopping trip for bracelets.  Man, I’m sorry it’s getting close to serious winter and every year around this time I have to watch the, “Lord of the Rings,” trilogy.  Obviously, the hankering has hit me a bit early this time.
   Returning to the topic at hand, the day I photographed myself the wind was a major pain.  I simply could not get a good picture and my hair was a train wreck for most of the afternoon.  Yeah, that’s the ticket…the wind was responsible for my hair…yeah.  Half way through the day I decided it was a lost cause and decided to throw my hair up in some sort of bun like thing.  I write, “throw it up,” because honestly that’s what my hair was making me feel like doing that day.  It was just that bad. 
   In closing, sometimes an afternoon can hold wonderful, fantasy like, discoveries for an ensemble.  Other times, it can completely dismantle one’s design.  No wonder so many of the dudes in, “Lord of the Rings,” had long hair.  With all those windy journeys going on they needed to constantly wear ponytails.

Jacket:   Gap
Shirt:  White House Black Market
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes:  Vintage  (Salvatore Ferragamo)
Purse:  Papaya
Necklace:  Dead Things
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade

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