Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tea and Toast

   Dive Bar, Independent, Breath of God, and Of a Woman.  These are the names of several things I’ve loyally purchased just because of the titles given to them.  Coincidentally, all of these items are cosmetics.  All I can state is, “Wow, those Madison Avenue agencies really have their acts together while identifying their target audience.” 
   For example what hip fashionista doesn’t want to wear the super vampy NARS lipstick, Red Lizard?  Edgy isn’t your thing, well a company like NARS says, “No problemo, we have the right shade for the everyday nerdy girl.  Here comes Barbarella!”  Not having it?  Sometimes a, “lady,” just needs to get metaphorical for the night and how better to do this than wearing the color, Fire Down Below?  You see, a company like NARS is prepared for any situation the modern day woman may find herself in.
   Not only do I purchase products due to the titles these agencies create, I also find a lot of style inspiration in them.  I mentioned the name, Dive Bar, earlier because this is the title of one of my favorite nail polishes made by essie.  Upon going to their website the description of this particular shade reads exactly like this, “Here comes trouble! This mysterious blackest, blue polish with shimmer creates an intensely sultry scene wherever you go.”  Between this description and the name itself, the marketing team of essie have already determined what type of mood the consumer will try to live up to while wearing their product.  I put on Dive Bar and I know, “Yeah, I’ll be wearing black today.  Yep, my eye liner will probably have a little cat eye action to it as well.  Also, where’s my mini Members Only faux leather jacket?  For some reason I really have the need to hit the pool halls today and I simply can’t do it without that coat.”   I guess what I’m trying to get across here is sometimes I wonder if I’m just attracted to items due to the way they're presented to me.  In other words, I'm an ad agency’s dream. 
   Further proof of this hypothesis can be found in the pictures above.  I called this particular post, “Tea and Toast,” because that’s exactly what the creator of the skirt I’m wearing titled it on Etsy.  I’ve mentioned several times before that I'm an avid shopper on this site.  I love the idea of wearing one of a kind pieces, either found or created, by these vendors.  In other words, I like apparel that's unique and is only possessed by me.  Despite the fact that the particular artist I bought my skirt from specializes in patchwork pieces, (something I’m drawn to almost as much as fringe,) I was almost more attracted to the way she presented her product to the public.  Unlike corporate names like NARS and essie, I assumed this individual did not have an entire team dedicated to marketing her product for her.  However, upon browsing her online shop, this consumer was immediately aware of what type of persona could be conveyed by simply wearing the items featured.  I mean who doesn’t want to wear a flowing skirt called, “Desert Wind,” or, “Mexican Maple?”  I give major credit to this solo artist who not only had the ability to construct a beautiful, well made garment, but also was aware of whom her target audience was.  
   In conclusion I want to say, "Pay attention NARS!  There’s a whole lot of hippie girls out there who’re throwing their money into, “festy skirts,” instead of a potential lip gloss with the name Gaia."  Likewise, us bookish types are less concerned with pursuing the, Fire Down Below, than we are a lovely night of, Tea and Toast.  Actually, to put it simply I’m just concerned when it comes to anything like a, Fire Down Below.  I guess that’s why boring people like me wear ankle length skirts to avoid it.

Sweatshirt:  Thrifted
Moccasins:  Minnetonka
Earrings:  Johnny Loves June
Necklace:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Coach


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