Sunday, August 17, 2014

"When You're Strange"

   I guess it's no secret that some people may consider me a little strange.  Well, if they didn't before they may after they see me acting like a weirdo in some of the above photographs.  What can I say, I just can't help myself when there is a camera around.  Especially when I am alone and taking the pictures.  I compare it to when I talk to myself in the car.  However in this case, instead of analyzing ideas out loud, I am visually studying the different behaviors of me.  Wait, now we all talk to ourselves in the car, right?
   Weird behavior or not, I own up to the fact that I can be a little odd.  I choose to believe this is part of my charm.  I also believe that being a tad different distinguishes one from the rest of the crowd.  As an individual who is interested in the topic of style, this is a trait that I find fairly desirable.  I am certain that when one combines a camera, unique clothing, and strange behavior it is inevitable they will end up with either a fashion blogger or an art major.  I have now played both of these roles.
   Going back to the idea that being different distinguishes one from the rest of the crowd, I must comment on the title of this post.  Obviously, I am a fan of, The Doors.  I say obviously not because I am wearing one of their t shirts in the above pictures, but because I like to believe one can just tell a Doors fan.  I truly believe that within twenty minutes of talking to someone it is usually easy to pinpoint what music drives them.  During my years working in a CD store I got very good at this game and to this day I can look at a person and say something like, "Do you like Husker Du?" and be spot on.  This does not make me the Svengali of musical preferences.  I just pay attention to people.
   Anyway, back to the title of this post.  I named it after a lyric in the song, "People are Strange."  Like many Doors fans, this is one of my favorite songs by the group.  However, I have never understood the lyric, "When you're strange... No one remembers your name..."  Since I was little I have been mulling that lyric over and I still do not understand it.  I always remember the strange people!  Does anyone remember the picture of the girl politely smiling for the camera, or do they gossip about the weird chic who pretends to meditate on film?  The idea that no one remembers your name when you're strange well, that is just the oddest thing Jim Morrison ever recorded.  Yep, that idea blows this blogger's, "fragile eggshell mind."

T Shirt:  FOREVER 21
Skirt:  Thrifted (Handmade)
Flip Flops:  BCBGeneration
Purse:  MATT & NAT
Headscarf:  banditaz bandanaz headscarves (Mom and I's own local business) 
Necklace:  Dead Things

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