Sunday, August 10, 2014

For Realsies?

   When regarding the fashion industry, it is not uncommon for one to hear the question, "yes, but is it real?" This seems like an odd question when aimed at a tangible item.  However, it is a question that I find myself often wondering when faced with, "too good to be true," fashion encounters.
   An example of this can be found in the t-shirt that I wore in the above post.  As I have frequently mentioned, I am a huge fan of thrifted and vintage apparel.  I love the idea that I am hunting for one of a kind pieces to add to my wardrobe.  During my hunts, I often come across many items that I consider true treasures.  Sometimes this is due to the extreme individuality of a piece, such as a vintage handmade item.  Other times, I define an item as a treasure due to it's actual monetary value.  Basically, I am referring to those rare occasions when a thrifter will come across a genuine high fashion label item that some yuppie has disregarded as last seasons style.  Upon an event like this, a thrifter will often feel a quickness of pulse, shortness of breath, and increase in sweat as they inspect the item in question for signs of validity.  In other words, how can one tell if their secondhand strike is a knockoff?
   Sometimes the signs of a fake can be spotted from miles away.  Most fashion conscious ladies know to look for the YKK zipper and serial number to validate a Coach bag.  However, sometimes it is not as simple as looking for a serial number.  Sometimes, one has to just consider the quality of the craftsmanship on an item.  This is just what I did the day I came across the, "Chanel," t shirt I am wearing in the above pictures.  I spotted it from three aisles away in my local Savers.  Upon seeing this item, I experienced all of the listed symptoms involved when sighting a high fashion label among second hand stock.  As I lunged for this item I was surprised by the abnormally soft knit material and quality weightiness behind the embroidered brand logo.  I took one glance at the label, which read Chanel Boutique, and I was sold.  I just wanted to believe.
   So I guess the moral to this post is, does it really matter if my thrifted treasures are real?  My conclusion is, heck yeah!  Luckily, the heart is easy to convince.  I think of it like this, many men love large breasted women.  Many women have their breasts enlarged with implants.  Are any of these men checking for serial numbers?  The heart just wants to believe.
Now if I could just get my Chanel t shirt to make my breasts look bigger.

T Shirt:  Chanel?
Capri Pants:  Mossimo Supply Co (Upcycled from skinny jeans by Me)
Shoes:  Dr Scholl's
Purse:  French Connection
Necklace:  Vintage (Avon)
Sunglasses:  Dolce & Gabbana  (Sometimes I know an item is real, and so does my checkbook.)

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