Sunday, August 24, 2014

What's Her Angle?

    I have never been accused of being a genius.  In fact, when I was a child I was labeled by my first grade teacher as being, "slow."  Suddenly, I was yanked out of the regular classes and segregated to the, "special room," where I spent a lot of one on one time learning reading, writing, and math.  This was okay with me at the time since I received a lot of prizes for my efforts.  One included a beautiful unicorn button that I earned for reading a book.  I still have this jewel of a button today and have now obligated myself to featuring it an upcoming post.  Maybe something regarding unexpected treasures or things I just cannot throw away.  Going back to my initial point, I have never been a real go-getter when it comes to academics.  However, I believe all of the extra one on one time I received during early childhood enabled me to become the semi accomplished writer I am today.  Of course, having a librarian father and a mother who is the ultimate book worm did not hurt either.  It's just too bad my mom's math skills never caught on.
   Anyway, it turned out I did not have the severe learning disabilities my instructor diagnosed me with.  This being stated, sometimes I find myself acting, and pardon my crassness, extremely stupid.  On occasion, I believe this kind of behavior happens to everyone.  Examples of my own ridiculousness can be found in the smallest of happenings.  For instance, the time I could not recognize how to pronounce the word germ when it was written in front of me.  Another example would be my inability to figure out how to open a box of frozen waffles without completely destroying the container.  Lastly, and of course most infamously, there is the time during which my boyfriend and I were just starting to date that he convinced me he was the mayor of the tiny town we reside in.  I still get crap for that one.  So why am I admitting all of these embarrassing things now?  Well, because now I can add another tally to the list.  
   I recently started an account on a website called Chictopia in order to help advertise this blog.  Upon starting this account I realized all the style pictures I was posting were uploading at a very small size.  This was starting to get very frustrating for me until a coworker explained that the reason this was happening was because I was taking all my blog pictures in a horizontal fashion rather than vertically.  Slap on the head...VERTICAL! the direction a human body stands while wearing an outfit.  It seriously never occurred to me to turn the damn camera.  

Shirt:  Vintage
Jeans:  GAP 1969
Heels:  Dana Buchman
Purse:  PAPAYA!
Necklace:  Vintage
Bracelet:  Thrifted

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