Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Groove is in the Heart"

   I used to be kind of a hippie.  Wait scratch that, my personality was never one of a hippie.  However, my style sense has always been heavily influenced by hippie culture.  Basically, you put a patchwork design on a rat's ass and I will want to wear it.  When I was younger, and a lot more idealistic, I believed that wearing crochet vests and moccasins made me closer to the often romanticized generation of my parents.  I would daydream about the kind of individual I would have been back in the 1960s and lament the passing of time and my unfortunate position in it.  Now in the year 2014, I get misty about the 1980s and often wish I had payed more attention to life at that time.  Isn't that ironic?
   The fact still remains that I am extremely obsessed with the past.  As I have stated in previous posts I am not an individual who enjoys surprises.  I seek comfort in the expected and often believe this is why I am such a nostalgic individual.  This nostalgia is reflected in many aspects of my life.  My personal style is probably the most apparent thing.  However musical taste, movie and TV preferences, and technology practices are also areas that are affected.  I think I must be one of the last people out there without a smart phone!
   What it comes down to is I am a true romantic when it comes to the past.  The day I took these photos I found myself reminiscing about my younger self.  I fondly thought about my days in high school when I would wear bell bottoms and clogs among a student body saturated in Wranglers and Ropers.  I smile when I think of that young girl defiantly marching to the beat of her own drum.  I salute her bravery and persistent idealism toward being part of a culture she did not fully understand.  I know now I am much too boring to be a hippie.  At the same time, I am much too nostalgic not to try to look like one.  Similar to the feelings one experiences when hearing a beloved tune, fashion can spark something special within the self.  I truly believe one's, "groove is in the heart."

Shirt:  Lux
Shorts:  Thrifted  (Upcycled with patchwork details and embroidery by Me) 
Flip Flops:  BCBGeneration
Purse:  Lucky Brand
Bracelets:  Craft fair purchase
Sunglasses:  Gas station purchase

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