Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Country roads, take me home..."

   I am a true believer that style can be influenced by almost any aspect of life.  One's sense of fashion can be a very personal thing.  Those who are fashion conscious often use their personal style as a way to represent how they perceive themselves to the rest of the world.  In my opinion, this perception of self is a product of the many experiences, passions, and ideas that one collects during their life.  It just seems reasonable that this collection would then be reflected in one's appearance.  We have all heard things like, "wow, it looks like she's had a hard life," or, "she always looks so put together."  Let's face it, appearance plays a large role in how the public perceives us.  Huh, that got kinda deep.
   On a lighter note, I have a rather entertaining theory regarding personal style.  As I have mentioned before I am employed at a local greenhouse.  During my many years of service there I have constructed the idea that women tend to buy flower colors that coordinate with their handbags.  Now I know this is a pretty ridiculous topic to actually spend time thinking about, but I have to state I have found it fascinating.  Since I am an individual who is quite interested in the topic of handbags, I tend to check out what the public is carrying around.  I have to state that I am impressed by how the Midwest represents themselves with handbags.  Apparently, a lot of ladies focus on this accessory only.  I cannot tell you how many times I wait on a customer in sweats and sneakers carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.  Now, whether these bags are actually authentic is sometimes questionable, but I give major points for interest alone.  
   Alright, I have strayed off topic here.  My point is that I have noticed a strong trend in ladies matching the color of their handbags to the color of their flowers.  This makes sense when one thinks about it.  Often we are drawn to our favorite colors in fashion.  It stands to reason that the same would be true with our flowers.  Finally, I couldn't stand it any more and I started to present my theory to the guilty parties.  Many of them laughed heartily stating they didn't even realize they were doing it.  
   For this particular post I decided to test my theory in reverse and construct my outfit using some of my own annual pots as inspiration.  I found this to be a delightful way to design an outfit.  However, I did find fault in my theory.  My flowers only matched ONE of my purses.

Shirt:  Thrifted
Jeans:  Miss Me
Sandals:  MIA
Purse:  PAPAYA!
Necklace:  Amrita Singh
Sunglasses:  COACH
Title of Post:  I also have a theory that plants grow better listening to John Denver's music.  

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