Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Curse of Looking Crappy

    I think I’ve finally posted the last of my pictures from this winter.  It's probably time to hang up the black leather gloves until next season.  Honestly, this is the only aspect of the changing season that perturbs me.  Man, I adore a good pair of vintage gloves!  I would love to find another pair like the ones I have on in these pictures.  Can you believe they were a $3.00 find at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store?!  They really were one of those, "once in a lifetime," finds.  However those odds won’t stop me from trolling Etsy for the rest of the summer in the hopes of finding another similar pair.  Unfortunately, like most vintage items, women's gloves seem to run small.  Apparently there weren’t many tall ladies with big man hands back in the day.  Yet another reason I should have been a pro basketball player.  Sigh…I may have missed my calling.
   Ironically enough…or maybe not, since I go there so often…the skirt I’m wearing in the above photographs is also from the same thrift store.  It's actually part of a set and came with a fantastic matching cropped blazer that features some of the best structured shoulder pads I’ve seen since the days of, “Dallas.”  Not to get off topic here but I feel it’s noteworthy to mention that the original TV show, “Dallas,” has been the deciding factor of many items I've thrifted over the years.  I often find myself holding a questionable article of clothing while thinking, “Is this piece worthy of Sue Ellen?”  
   While I've not quite mustered the courage to wear both parts of this set together I've worn the items separately.  Did I mention how versatile this skirt is?  I'm just saying, it has a fantastic elastic waistband and pockets.  So not only can I pig out on the new Hershey Cookie Layer Crunch Bars, (holy shit they're good!) while wearing this item, I can also carry a supply of them in my pockets. 
   One might be thinking, “With all these wonderful features why are you not wearing this skirt all the time?”  Actually it would be a miracle if one was thinking that, considering this is a totally pointless post this week and I would be highly surprised if anyone were to read this far.  Anyhow, the reason I don’t have more pictures of this particular garment is because I believe it to be cursed.  Yes, I said cursed.  To explain, every time I wear this skirt the weather turns to absolute crap and I can’t get a good picture to save my life.  It’s so frustrating!  I put it on and always think, "Wow!  I love everything about this skirt.  Why don’t I wear this thing more?”  Immediately upon stepping outside torrential rain and hurricane winds will greet me.  During this particular photo shoot it was the latter of the two.  By the time I finally figured out I had to retreat to the barn in order to get a usable image my hair was trashed.  It actually really irritated me because I was feeling pretty spiffy that day and these pictures simply don’t do those feelings justice...
   …unless, the skirt is not cursed at all.  Could it be the exact opposite is true?  Maybe I simply woke up looking like dog crap and when I put on this charmed item I instantly felt like a million bucks.  Perhaps it took actual pictures to make me realize I really didn’t look so great that day.  I guess my overall point here is, whether it be cursed or charmed, this piece is definitely magical.  Now if it could just prove lucky enough to help me strike oil in the backyard in order to complete my Sue Ellen transformation.

Jacket:  Casual Corner 
Skirt:  Vintage
Boots:  Dr. Martens
 Gloves:  Vintage


  1. Crap; this is not, cursed; possibly, unless you take this look to drought stricken areas. You could be the new Storm.

  2. Crap; this is not, cursed; possibly, unless you take this look to drought stricken areas. You could be the new Storm.