Sunday, April 16, 2017

Modeling in the Muck

   As the holiday comes to a close this evening I feel confident in announcing it’s officially spring in South Dakota.  Finally the weather is warm enough to ditch that overbearing coat.  Unfortunately, I still can’t bust out any fancy footwear due to the fact that my driveway is a mud pit.  As a result, my wellies are the only shoes I can wear while walking around the yard.  Honestly there are serious drawbacks to living in the country when one is trying to keep her kicks clean. I literally store my rubber boots outside the back door at all times just in case I have to traipse across gravel.  Of course this also comes in handy every morning when I stumble outside, still wearing pajamas, in order to feed my little feline friends out back.  Admittedly this look is a far cry from blog pictures.  However I might as well someday post images of myself looking like this, considering someone I know seems to always be driving by the house at this time and undoubtedly stops to say, "Hi!"  I’ve simply stopped explaining to people why I’m wearing a ripped up hoodie, pink ruffle jammie pants, and red paisley galoshes.  I mean hey, it's good enough for the's good enough for me.
   Lately I’ve been feeling rather guilty about being so crabby regarding how messy the yard is.  In fact specifically today, while I was spending time with friends and loved ones, I was reminded of how extremely lucky I am.  It was just the beginning of last week that a dear long distance friend of mine called to tell me her mother had passed away.  Honestly, that moment was one of the few times this admitted babbler had nothing to say.  I was shocked into silence.  In addition, I’ll admit I was scared.  “We’re too young to lose our parents, aren’t we?” I thought.  For the rest of the week I was consumed with guilt.  I shamefully thought, “Today my friend is probably planning her mom’s funeral and I’m picking out what to wear in blog pictures.”  I am in awe of her strength while facing such a devastating situation.  I truly hope she and her family find comfort soon.
   I think it’s noteworthy to mention that lately the news seems bad everywhere.  In my last post I announced that I finally broke down and got an iPhone.  At this time I should probably say to every person who ever told me to give up my slide phone…and there were MANY..."YOU WERE RIGHT!!!"  I can’t believe how great this little gadget is!  I mean..."My God!"  After a long day at work I can easily shirk my cooking responsibilities by simply browsing my phone.  While on the phone I can look up a good new pizza place to try out, order food, get verbal directions to pick it up, pay for my purchase, and finally...take a picture of me eating while barfing rainbows.  It’s truly amazing.  In addition to that handy little rainbow barfing thing, my phone also gives me news updates throughout the day.  As a result, I’ve become addicted to my BBC News app.  However I’m not altogether certain this is a good thing.  This week alone I've experienced a feeling of dread with every, “ping,” my phone makes.  Between the horrific situation in Syria and the increasingly frightening presence of North Korea I’m not sure it’s good for me to be this well informed. 
   In conclusion, I feel kind of bad for being such a downer on what is supposed to be a joyous holiday.  However today I was reminded of the struggles of others.  Initially this post was intended to be another pointless rant about something mundane like the boggy marsh of my yard.  Yet with everything going on around me I feel ridiculous complaining about, “modeling,” in the muck.  After spending this special day in such pleasant surroundings I'm more than happy to sink down into the safety of my quagmire…because now I’m aware that it is vastly more simple than what other people are going through.    

Jacket:  Vintage 
Jeans:  Guess
Boots:  Dr. Martens
Purse:  Sonia Rykiel
Necklace:  Vintage (Napier)
Sunglasses:  Coach

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