Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Next Chapter

   I’ve shared an ongoing joke with a good friend of mine for about nine years now.  Her and I met while working at the greenhouse and immediately got along.  We had the same alternative taste in music, movies, and mostly sense of humor.  There were many times at work we would find ourselves engaged in some ridiculously humbling manual labor task and our sarcasm would be the only thing that motivated us.  Due to the fact that both of us are avid readers we would refer to each event as a new chapter.  For example, one of my favorite, “chapters,” while working outside was entitled, “Lifting Gypsum.”  I guess one can’t fully appreciate a title like this unless they’ve actually tried to lift a bag of gypsum.  Thinking of it now a more accurate title may have been, “God, this shit’s heavy!”
   During my, “Lifting Gypsum,” years I met MANY remarkable individuals.  These were people that taught me I was capable of lifting heavy loads…physically, and emotionally if you want to get deep about it.  In addition, these individuals made this admitted girly girl realize that getting dirty, sweaty, and sunburned was not only okay, but something to be proud of...the few times I actually did it, of course.  Lastly, these were people that I listened to John Denver with…like a lot.  Let me tell you, when one shares, "Take Me Home, Country Roads," with another individual you've created a bond that can't be broken.
   However, the reality is I no longer work at the greenhouse.  The hardest part about leaving my long term employer was no longer seeing these unique and wonderful individuals every day…oh, and missing out on that, “Rocky Mountain High,” is sad too.  For a while I truly felt like the last, “chapter,” of my outdoorsy bohemian book had been written.
   I’m elated to report I was wrong!  I’ve been shocked at how many of my greenhouse friends have recently made an effort to contact me.  In fact, the above pictures were taken right before I went on a wonderful outing with some of these individuals.  Furthermore, the fantastic brooch I’m wearing in these photographs was a birthday present I received from my aforementioned fellow bookworm buddy.  I was absolutely delighted when she gave it to me.  This piece is meticulously handmade from seed beads by an extremely talented local artist.  I'm not only honored to own one of these beautiful creations, but touched that my friend thought to give it to me.
   Okay, so I know this post has gotten a little sappy but these things have really been on my mind.   A fantastic band name Cinderella once sang, “Don’t know what you got til it’s gone.”  What they didn’t include in these very prophetic words was even if it’s gone it may not be totally over.  Did I just philosophize about an 80’s hair band song?  Yeah, and you’d be disturbed at how often I do that.  I guess the overall point I’m trying to get across here is I always thought my relationship with these people revolved around my job at the greenhouse.  I now realize the job may have brought us all together but our individual personalities are what made it all so special.  Maybe Cinderella should have sang, “Don’t know what you got til you receive a beautiful handmade brooch from a person whose friendship you totally and shamefully underestimated.”  Actually, that may be the title of my new, “chapter.”

Dress:  Ralph Lauren
Wedges:  Thrifted
Purse:  Vintage  (Coach)
Brooch:  Handmade  (Thank you Mario!)
Bracelets:  Thrifted

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