Sunday, September 18, 2016

From the planet Prada

   During my extensive career in the world of retail I’ve had the pleasure of serving some of the Midwest’s most privileged people.  At one time I was even employed at a mall that had a legitimate Tiffany & Co. store in it.  Actually, I can’t even accurately define that place as a mall since it was referred to as a Galleria…wait, no it was called THE GALLERIA…in other words, a mall for rich people.  To this day, I don’t understand how the likes of me landed a gig in a joint like that.
   My favorite part about working for the upper class was people watching.  I adored appraising the various outfits and accessories that women would wear.  Each winter I would look forward to witnessing what I referred to as the annual, “Boot Parade.”  I swear a woman’s status must be measured by how high her boots are.  I simply can’t think of any other reason one would wear thigh high boots during a leisurely shopping trip with the girls.  In addition, there was always the, “Battle of the Louis.”  This was when all the who's who would roll out their newest Louis Vuitton bag in the hopes of outdoing their peers.  Honestly, there were days when us, “peasant girls,” working the counter at the store would count up to thirty Louis in one afternoon.  Of course, there was that one epic occasion when a woman brought in the most gorgeous bag I’ve ever seen.  It was a Chanel graffiti print tote that I immediately researched on the internet and discovered its’ price was $6000.00.  My co-workers were horrified…they were disgusted by the sheer audacity of it's expense…I agreed it was over the top…and silently thought to myself, “That women is my hero.”
   Despite the fact that I’ve catered to a lot of wealthy individuals in the past, I still find myself surrounded by the seemingly popular Midwestern viewpoint that, “good women,” are frugal and most of all humble.  I’m constantly shocked by the amount of females who don’t find it acceptable to splurge on themselves when it comes to fashion.  I want to clarify I’m aware not everyone can afford Chanel and Louis Vuitton.  However, many people seem to deny themselves any type of frivolous, “foofoo.”  I’m suddenly reminded of a twenty-something acquaintance of mine who admitted to me she only owned three pairs of shoes.  THREE PAIRS OF SHOES!!!  She continued by stating she felt guilty having even that many because she really only needed two.  “Need?,” I thought.  Since when does, “need,” have anything to do with fashion?
   I guess I’m writing this post now to tell everyone, “Need has nothing to do with fashion.”  Fashion is a hobby for those of us lucky enough to indulge in it.  While I will never own a $6000.00 handbag, I will certainly admit to pursing my own guilty little pleasures.  In fact, I decided to feature one of them in the pictures above.  I have a serious fixation with designer eyewear and as a result I decided I was going to buy these black studded cat-eye sunglasses made by Prada.  Until now, I’ve been self-conscious to wear them in public.  Actually, I do this a lot.  Many of my most coveted pieces have never seen the light of day because I feel almost embarrassed to wear them.  I worry, “People will think I’m showing off…People will think I’m seriously in debt…People will think I believe I’m better than them.”  The other day, looking at these beautiful glasses that kind of make me look like a glamorous space alien, I finally came to the conclusion, “Get over it.”  I have a hobby and its’ called fashion.  My hobby costs money…so does golf...and that doesn’t stop anybody else.

Shirt:  Lux
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Wedges:  Etienne Aigner
Purse:  Matt & Nat
Bracelets:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Prada

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