Sunday, August 7, 2016

"It's a little funky, but it'll work"

   I titled this post after something my boyfriend said to me the other day.  It was the weekend and we were getting ready to go out for the afternoon, when I asked him if the outfit I’m wearing in the above pictures was OK to wear in public.  His exact response was, “It’s a little funky, but it’ll work.”  Leave it to Al to really charm a girl. 
   However, as much as I would have preferred him to say, “It’s fantastic!  You look amazing!” I was in agreement that this ensemble was a little strange.  I’ll admit that a sundress paired with awkward length cutoffs equals odd.  Really though, who in their late thirties would wear a dress this length?  I suppose one could argue that this dress is not meant for someone my age, but until now that thought never occurred to me.  I just reasoned, “Pair it with my favorite grungy house shorts!”   
   While on the topic of shorts, I do want to give myself some credit for actually wearing them.  There was a long period of time where I wouldn’t be caught dead showing off these knees.  It seems the insecurities regarding the exposure of my legs have diminished with age.  This is ironic considering I assume my legs were better looking about ten years ago.  Of course, I wouldn’t know since I myself only saw them a handful of times.  There was that period of time in high school where I spent about five months wearing the same pair of knee length cutoff shorts paired with a Baja poncho and black converse high tops.  At the time nobody thought that, “Was a little funky.”  Man, I miss those days of grunge.   
   I guess the overall theme of my post is, “different strokes for different folks.”  Some individuals would never think to pair a dress with shorts.    In addition, there are probably people that wouldn’t define what I’m wearing in these pictures as actual shorts.  My answer to them would be, “Baby steps people.”  Not to mention, my grungy 90’s self would never allow any garment to expose my thigh.  This statement does not mean that I condemn those who opt for the more conventional length of short.  I just want to go on the record that, “It’s not for me,”…at least not without tights and boots.
   Reflecting on the idea of, “Different strokes,” makes me think of a conversation I recently had with someone.  This individual happened to be about six years old.  She came to me and asked in the sweetest voice, “Rayna, do you have any daughters?”  Usually this type of question immediately annoys me.  Needless to say, I’ve been asked it frequently.  However on this occasion, looking at those big innocent eyes, I couldn’t feel anything but, “Awwwww…”  I responded, “Nope, no daughters.”  She continued with, “What about sons?”  I answered, “No, no sons either.”  She stood there processing this information when she suddenly got a smug look on her face and stated, “I know…you gave them away, didn’t you?” I was stunned that this little person even thought of that option.  I responded with, “No, I’ve never had any children.”  She suddenly looked extremely confused and repeated emphatically, “So you’ve never had any baby come out of your tummy?!  To which I replied, “No, never.”  I could have…and probably should have… let the conversation end there, but I felt an explanation was in order.  I continued with, “You know, just because you’re a woman does not mean you HAVE to have a baby.  Some ladies don’t want to have babies.  They want their lives to belong to themselves in order to pursue the things only they are interested in, instead of taking care of a child.”  At that moment, as I was wondering if I had exposed too much to this moldable mind, I saw her disposition change.  She looked extremely happy.  She smiled huge at me and answered, “Rayna, I don’t ever want to have a baby.” She then marched off with her head held high.  I expect to see her in knee length shorts soon.

Dress:  Thrifted
Shorts:  Thrifted
Sandals:  Sanuk
Purse:  Sundance
Necklace:  Handmade by local artist
Bracelet:  Vintage  (Gift from Mom)

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  1. You do "Funky: and "Different strokes for different folks" very well. I wonder how you adopted those traits? I like this post.