Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hanging With The Cool Kids

   Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not very cool anymore.  I specify, “anymore,” because I do recall a time when I actually thought of myself as pretty darn hip.  That’s  right…pretty…darn…hip.  For instance, I used to know all the happening hangouts in town.  Of course, now that I don’t drink anymore, the only hangouts I’m going to involve mountains of discarded items, (I love my local Goodwill and Savers stores.  Also a big shout out to St. Vinny’s too!  Oh yeah, and Ray Ray…isn’t there always a Ray Ray during shout outs?)  Maybe my fondness for discarded items comes from my equally discarded social life.  Lately, the only other people I’ve been interacting with have been coworkers, my baristas at Starbucks and of course, the other individuals loitering at the public library on Thursday afternoons. 
   This being stated, I’ve always reasoned that even hermits can be cool.  I mean isn’t it kind of mysterious to be the lone, “tortured,” writer?  Don’t other people see me at the coffee shop reading, or furiously clicking away on my laptop and wonder, “Wow, what’s that chick up to?  It really looks like she has a purpose.  I bet she’s really deep.”  Little do they know that I’m writing this kind of crap and actually entertaining myself with it. 
   To be truthful I entertain myself a lot these days.  In many ways this is a wonderful thing.  Between writing two blogs, my small, “sewing business,” reading, and my Sunday night movie club, (membership one), I'm rarely bored.  At the same time, a person can get a tad socially dysfunctional when always spending time with just themselves.  I have to state it’s really not, “just like riding a bike.”  One does not automatically recall how to act properly in social situations.  Coolness is something that has to be practiced.
   Not so long ago I had the opportunity to test this theory when I was asked to participate in a charity fashion fundraiser with my absolute favorite vintage boutique, ELOFSON.  This event was being held at a pretty, “happening,” location and I knew the guest list would most likely include a lot of local socialites. The idea of going to these types of functions usually fills this increasingly antisocial blogger with something similar to dread.  However, I was honored to be asked to contribute to this event, especially with a team of individuals I so admire.  It was this reason that persuaded me to dismiss my anxiety, put together the, “coolest,” outfit I could think of to wear, and practice my resting bitch face in the mirror in an attempt to make me look more, “fashiony,” rather than, "fraidy."
   In the end, I suspect I just ended up looking pissed off for most of the night.  However, I was far from it and had a very enjoyable evening at an event that had to do with fashion, an industry I adore.  I guess I composed this post today because looking at these pictures now I don’t see the socially awkward woman I know myself to be.  In these pictures I see a pretty darn hip lady, albeit one who should smile more.  I guess it's impossible to tell what another’s thinking just by looking at them, (even if it's your own image!)  
   In conclusion, if you find yourself alone a lot it’s my recommendation to take many selfies.  Not only can they help alter your perception of that particular time, but you no longer need to ask anyone else, “Do these shorts make my butt look big?”

Blazer:  Express
Shorts:  Thrifted
Boots:  Born
Backpack:  Victoria’s Secret PINK
Bracelet:  Thrifted

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