Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fiending For A Foxhunt

   Sometimes I’ll put an outfit together and upon inspecting the blog pictures representing it I’ll notice I literally created a character with clothing.  The style constructed in the pictures above is a perfect example.  This particular day I decided to unveil my newly thrifted vintage, plaid Pendleton blazer.  Side note:  Thank you 2015 for the return of plaid!  Oh, how I missed you!  Of course, this year’s plaid is much different than the plaid I was sporting back in 1995.  Yep, back in the good old days of Grunge I was doing the full on lumberjack meets metal head look.  There wasn’t a band t-shirt out there I couldn’t match with at least two plaid flannel shirts and a, “Grandpa,” mohair cardigan.  Of course, back then I was probably often mistaken for an ax wielding dude from Alaska considering I refused to wear makeup and often wore clothes that were two sizes too big.  Now that I’m in my mid-thirties I find myself caring a bit more about my appearance.  I want to look like a lady and not just another, “bro,” from the backwoods with a passion for Soundgarden and chintzy facial hair.  Wait,…what?  Okay, to explain, when a woman gets to a certain age she finds herself concerned with things like possibly growing a beard.  Basically, if I can wear a petite feminine blazer to help counteract any weird masculine mutations I may form in the coming years, I’m going to do it.
   Hence, the outfit I constructed above.  Looking at these photographs now, all I can think is, “Huh, I must have been seriously checking out Ralph Lauren ads that week.”  I mean, how equestrian can one get without realizing it?  Pretty sure I was cruising the RL website regularly at the time since I believe I shot these pictures around Black Friday.  If you weren’t already aware, I’m here to tell you that Ralph Lauren has some of the most fantastic sales available.  I suggest trolling the site for most of the year in order to prepare for what you’re going to purchase on that monumental day.  Don’t laugh, those sales get competitive and there’s not much time to think.  However, I must have been thinking more than I was aware, because looking at these pictures I obviously had some serious subconscious inspiration from that website. 
   Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the way this outfit turned out.  Despite the fact that I feel like I’m a character preparing for an annual foxhunt, I really like this casual, yet polished, version of plaid.   It’s a far cry from the teenage girl wearing the white and purple flannel tied around her waist.  Not that I don’t respect that girl for the fashion faux pas she always owned up to.  Without her I wouldn’t be the lady I am today.  This woman is an everyday lady of the plains who sometimes dreams of being a character of pedigree, riding on a horse, readying herself for the big hunt.  Of course, in this case the hunt would not actually included stalking down some poor unsuspecting animal.  That just seems barbaric.  Actually, my hunt would probably not include me on a horse since it’s been quite a long time since I’ve ridden and I could see that being a pretty messy affair.  Okay, so really my character would just stand around the stables in her vintage plaid jacket and try to look fabulous.  Maybe I could also have one of those riding crops to carry around, purely as a prop of course.  Man, why does every aspect of this outfit seem to lead to the subject of animal cruelty?  I know next time I wear plaid, instead of wearing a band-t, I’ll put on one of my WWF shirts.  Now that’s WWF as in World Wildlife Fund, not some crazy wrestling thing.  That’s a whole other outfit…which also could probably include the riding crop.  Wait…what?

Blazer:  Vintage  (Pendleton)
Jeans:  James Jeans  
Boots:  Born
Purse:  Matt & Nat
Scarf:  Thrifted
Belt:  Vintage  (Hand-me-down from Dad)

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