Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Haute Hang-Up (Theodora & Callum)

   Have you ever been making a recipe, let’s say something like Beef Stroganoff, and you were so damn hungry that you found yourself licking the excess sour cream directly off the mixing spoon?  Of course, I mean after you’re done using the actual spoon to cook everyone else’s food…I mean, of course.  Now let’s take this scenario a bit farther and imagine you just happen to be munching on some pre-mealtime nacho cheese Doritos at the same time when an idea hits you like a thunderbolt and you decide to dive into that sour cream a little more heftily with the aid of a chip.  Around the time you start to inhale your eighth scoop, you decide that this could be a mistake and maybe you ought to put away the bag before the Stroganoff become unnecessary.  However you find yourself having another bite, and another, and another, until the Doritos disappear and you resort to just dipping your finger directly into the tub of sour cream because why the heck should your long term, roommate, boyfriend care about germs?  I mean you guys have swapped spit at least a few times these past years…right?
   At this point you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about being unhygienic in the kitchen.  I guess my answer is, because it can be so much fun!  I mean every time I engage in this type of behavior I understand I’m doing something, “bad,” by spoiling my dinner with terrible junk food.  Not only that but I’m eating in an absolutely unseemly manner that would probably disgust my poor, “special man friend,” who shares food with me.  Basically, I’m sharing a perfect example of how an otherwise highly controlled individual like myself can completely lose control while enjoying something, and let me tell you it’s not very pretty.
   However, who say’s life always has to be pretty?  Sometimes the most enjoyable things are unsightly, unhealthy, and may leave orange stains on your fingers.  Of course, one could argue that the opposite is also true.  Periodically, the best things in life are some of the most beautiful.  Interestingly enough, it’s been this style blogger’s experience that these items can also come with their fair share of guilt, considering they’re often rather expensive.  In other words, there is nothing pretty about being broke.
   Which brings me to the true topic of my blog post where I finally reveal another one of my secret guilty pleasures.  It’s interesting that I find it harder to confess my addiction to Theodora & Callum scarves than I do my love of mowing down sour cream straight out of the container.  Did I mention I’m usually sitting on the kitchen counter while doing this?  I guess it’s the retail cashier in me that realizes I really don’t have the kind of income needed to justify purchasing these types of luxury scarves.  At the same time, my inner wannabe fashion mogul tells me I need it, I deserve it, and my friend Visa can hook me up pronto.  Have you ever had a friend like that?  One who plays with dangerous limits and always pays for the cartons you’re about to binge eat out of? 
   Despite, the rather high price point of Theodora & Callum scarves, it’s the opinion of this blogger that every accessory loving lady deserves to have one…or two…or three depending on how generous your pal Visa may be.  All I can say is Theodora & Callum provide some of the most beautiful and quality scarves available.  Not only are their prints always stunning, but the quality of these oversized, versatile pieces cannot be beat.  Simply put, they’re most definitely the dollop of sour cream on the taco salad.
   So, this winter if you find yourself in dire need of a guilty pleasure consider treating yourself to a Theodora & Callum scarf.  It may be noteworthy to mention they’re large enough to double as a sarong over swimwear.  Of course, this is just in case one finds themselves frequently indulging in those other little hang-ups in the kitchen.

Coat:  Vintage  (Casual Corner)
Jeans:  Vintage  (Levi’s Orange Tab)
Clogs:  Vintage
Purse:  Banana Republic
Scarf:  Theodora & Callum 
Sunglasses:  Coach





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