Sunday, October 18, 2015

Old Reliable

   Sometimes being a style blogger is not all it's cracked up to be.  Upon starting this blog I was excited to join the ranks of the many fashion conscious women I've looked up to.  In my eyes, these women always represent themselves as beautiful, successful, and motivated individuals. Simply put, they look like people who have a plan.  Being a person who relies heavily on routine, the idea of having a long term plan is extremely appealing to me.  So, how did I decide to form my long term plan?  Well, I figured a good start was to look like someone with one of those...things...thingys...long term plan jobbers.
   I have to say that in many ways my blog has been a very positive thing for me.  It has allowed me to pursue my interests in fashion, photography, and writing.  It has also exposed me to some opportunities that would surely never have happened had I not began this adventure.  I mean, it's not every day this lady has people knocking down her door to take pictures for local magazines.  This being stated, I'm not always confident my blog is one hundred percent good for me.  Unlike the many style bloggers I follow online, I tend to address way more than just person style while writing my posts.  In fact, on many occasions my posts have absolutely nothing to do with fashion.  Okay yeah, so I'll admit it.  I use this blog mostly to get all the gobbledygook out of my head.  It's occurred to me that doing this may put a major monkey wrench in the original concept of portraying a beautiful, successful, and well put together woman.  What can I say though?  This is me.
   I guess what I'm getting at here is I've always been a person concerned with the idea of looking perfect.  Don't get me wrong, perfect is not the same as pretty.  While I do enjoy taking ridiculous, "glamour," shots of myself I often wonder what I'm truly trying to convey with these pictures. Recently, I've come to the conclusion that I just want to look like someone with a plan.  I'm constantly striving to be the person I expect myself to be.  Sometimes when I look through these pictures I see myself and criticize by thinking, "Well, that's not who I want to be!"
   All this seriousness was on my mind today because I woke up and simply didn't feel like dressing like the perfect woman with a plan.  I didn't want to straighten my hair or coordinate my handbag to my outfit.  In fact, I wanted to wear the same outfit I wore yesterday because there was no thought involved.  It's taken me a long time to realize that even, "fabulous," fashion bloggers have days where they don't care what they're wearing.  I've decided that I'm going to give myself a break.  If I don't feel like putting on mascara it doesn't mean I'm presenting myself as a failure to the public.  If I decide to wear jeans in every blog post this month it doesn't condemn me to being an amateur of fashion.  Lastly, if I continue to carry the same old reliable purse because I'm too lazy to change out my crap, and black Kate Spade goes with everything, this does not mean, "shame on me."  
   Writing this post now has made me realize just how hard women can be on themselves.  We're expected to look perfect, act friendly, and be productive at all times.  And who's putting this pressure on us?  Ourselves!  So, from now on I'm going to attempt to remind myself that the perfect looking style blogger is still a real person.  These women also have insecurities, fleeting ugly thoughts, and yeah, they fart too.  However, every long term plan eventually encounters some type of gastrointestinal issue...right?    

Jacket:  Vintage  (Cherokee)
Shirt:  Miss Me
Jeans:  Guess
Sneakers:  New Balance
Purse:  Kate Spade
Headscarf:  Self made  (banditaz bandanaz)
Earrings:  Natasha  
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade

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