Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fundraising for Free People

    It's that time again people!  Time for sticky fingers from caramel apples and cider at the orchard. Time for backaches from unloading endless truckloads of  blue pumpkins and Turks Turban gourds at the greenhouse.  Lastly, time for flu shot fever as this paranoid blogger tries to decipher whether the person sniffling next to her is suffering from something contagious or simple allergies.  Yes, it's fall y'all!, and with it comes a whole new boatload of issues.
   Of course, there's really only one true issue consuming me at this time.  Any individual interested in style can probably define it.  What can I say but, we're in the depths of fall catalog season and I simply don't have enough money to buy all the fantastic clothing that's being shown to me!  Damn you Donald Pliner!  Curses to companies like Sundance and JCrew!..."and what is this striking little jewel of a catalog laying on the floor at my parents house beside their love-seat?  Hmmm, Poetry? I've never heard of this brand...oh my god would you look at that plaid boucle' scarf!  Quick, slip the catalog in your purse.  Mom will never notice it's gone.  Remember, keep a straight face when she asks you later where you got that fantastic scarf."  Yeah, these are the things going on in my head.  
   The biggest temptation for me has been presented, yet again, by the fall catalog from Free People. WARNING:  if you see this publication resting anywhere near you close your eyes and repeat the phrase, "The power of Christ compels you!"  I say this because you're certain to be at the precipice of a serious clothing possession.  Ever since I was about 16 years old I've been obsessed with this brand. One would think that this now 36 year old blogger would be a bit too old to shop from the same catalog she did during her teen years.  However, that's the beauty of a brand like Free People.  It's simply timeless.  Not only do the designs of these pieces often give a respectful nod to the style of past decades, but the quality of the garments themselves create appeal among a more mature audience.  I remember the first Free People item I ever bought.  I was in high school at the time and I discovered the most adorable burnt sienna crochet shirt with blue stars embroidered along the top. While I was in love with this eclectic little number, I now smile at what I considered to be the best aspect of that article of clothing.  I loved the tag!  I remember looking at it with it's Art Nouveau inspired graphic of a beautiful bohemian woman, hair swirling around an intricate font spelling the two words that would ultimately lead me into the destiny of a wannabe label whore.  "Free People," it said and after that I never overlooked another tag.
   Interestingly enough, out of all the pieces of Free People I've collected over the years I'm not wearing a stitch of it in the pictures above.  The reason this brand was on my mind the day I wore this outfit was because this was the ensemble I was going to wear to the fall fashion show presented by one of my favorite local clothing stores.  It just so happens that this particular boutique carries a large quantity of Free People merchandise at their store.  Merchandise that I'd been plotting to get my hands on ever since I laid eyes on the fall catalog.  Now, I say, "WAS going to wear," because upon actually going to the show I felt rather under the weather and decided it would be unwise to go into public.  Again I ask you, flu or allergies?  It concerns me how much time I spend thinking about this. 
   In closing, life is full of unpleasant issues.  Is missing out on the Free People slouchy menswear sweater coat the worst thing that can happen to a woman?  YE...NO!...I mean no.  Is it the most fun option out of all my issues to obsess over.  Absolutely!  So if you see a haggard looking lady vomiting up pea soup and speaking in Latin realize that the cause could be one of three things.  The woman could have the flu.  She could have allergies, or she could have just received the newest fantastic catalog from Free People.

Dress:  Bebe
Jeans:  Liverpool
Heels:  Guess
Purse:  Kate Spade
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade


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