Sunday, August 2, 2015

Swimwear is for Savages

   Not so long ago my like minded brother and I had a conversation about summer apparel. Specifically, we addressed the subject of shorts, swimwear, and our shared distaste for all clothing that shows skin.  After about an hour of bickering about the acceptable amount of body surface to expose to the public, we came to the shared conclusion that we both believe swimwear is for savages.
   Of course, this was only after my brother vehemently accused me of being a big fan of, "hot tubbin," due to the fact that I have one at my house.  At this point I would like to interject, yet again, said hot tub has remained sans water for the past two seasons.  So I can assure you dear brother there has been no, "hot tubbin," going on up in here!
   In addition, my brother also questioned whether he, "still knew me," due to the fact that I've recently been wearing...gasp, shorts without leggings, tights, or nylons.  Yep, no emo undertones at all just, "Hey, it's freak'n hot.  I'm gonna wear shorts."  I want to clarify that the shorts I've been wearing as of late are cut off at the knee.  Also each pair is riddled with bleach marks, rips, and even some psychedelic patches and embroidery added by me.  So again, never fear brother I'm not aiming for the sexy twenty something booty short.  Not that I have to write this.  I believe he realizes what kind of grungy, "hippie," he's talking to.  
   Speaking of this, I was recently reminded by a friend from high school that way back in the day I used to wear shorts on a fairly regular basis.  Actually, I should specify I wore ONE pair of shorts, (black knee length cutoffs), quite often.  In fact, I wore them so often it must have made quite an impression on this friend because she reminded me I constantly paired them with black on black converse high tops and my standby baja hoodie.  Okay people, before you judge remember it was the 90's. Dumpster diving, heroin chic androgyny was in.  For real, it was!
   I'm not sure specifically when I became uncomfortable wearing shorts with bare legs.  I'm also unsure why both my brother and I find it absolutely unacceptable to wear any type of swimwear in public.  What I am sure of is the common insecurity of body image is not either one of our problems at this time.  I'm okay with what I got.  I'm just extremely selective of when I show it.   If I was forced to define what I think shaped my brother and I's general distaste for summer specific garments, I believe I would pinpoint my upbringing.  Sorry parents, but it's the only explanation.
   To clarify, I was raised by not only a librarian but also the ultimate bookworm.  In my mind, "bookish," individuals are not, "naked people." Bookstores and libraries are generally kept very cold in the summer and it's not uncommon to see librarians donning there long sleeved, button down check shirts with matching sweater vest combination during the months of July and August.  I would also point out that the, "bookish," individuals I know do not swim in public pools, mow their lawns without a shirt on, wear shorts even when walking around an art festival in 90 degree weather, or chew gum.   So the last item on the list has nothing to do with the topic at hand.  However, I can vouch for the fact that certain librarians don't chew gum.  Furthermore, as a warning they find it a vile and disgusting habit that they will point out to you if they ever catch you doing it.  
   At this point you're probably wondering what this post could possibly have to do with the outfit pictured above.  My answer is, not much.  However, the day I wore this ensemble I found myself at the farmer's market battling extremely high humidity and thinking, "Really Rayna, why did you have to go with both a dress and jeans?"  
   In conclusion, what I'm stating here is that my brother and I were both raised with a definite example of what is and is not the appropriate amount of skin to show to the general public.   If one finds themselves unsure of these guidelines I would recommend going to the nearest academic library.  Ask yourself, "What would my librarian wear?"  Better yet ask yourself, "what would the grungy hippie loitering at the library wear?"  Then do the exact opposite.

Dress:  Vintage  
Jeans:  Thrifted (Men's Rustler)
Moccasins:  Minnetonka
Purse:  Frye
Necklace:  Ettika
Ring:  Purchased at a craft fair.
Sunglasses:  Coach


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