Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Oh, Yes it's Ladies Night and the Feeling's right..."

   Well, it finally happened.  I've finally resorted to wearing, "jammies," in public.  Actually, not only did I wear them in public, I photographed this event for my fashion blog.  It's official people.  I have given up.  
   Okay, actually I want to clarify that the clothing I'm wearing in the pictures above are not literally what I sleep in.  No, they are WAY too nice for that.  I believe it was just the other day Al stopped me and asked, "You are going to change out of that T shirt before we leave, right?"  I mean, you get one fist sized hole in the armpit of an extremely comfy shirt and suddenly it's only fit for wearing around the house?  What the heck?!  
   Seriously though, while I'm a huge fan of simple cotton T's, I never delve into the rather dicey realm of the knit pant.  What can I say, this girl is denim all the way!  Of course now that I'm reading in all the high fashion magazines that denim if the, "IT," trend of Fall 2015, I've discovered the unbelievable comfort provided by a drawstring waist.  I mean man, did anyone else know about this? Royal Fork Buffet here I come!
   I guess I just always thought women who wore knit pants in public didn't care at all about appearance.  To me, the subject of lounge wear has always been a category of clothing that belonged among the ranks of T shirts with huge holes.  I've always thought of these items of apparel as something only worthy of getting massively covered in cat hair while LOUNGING around the house.  It never occurred to me that some of these articles of clothing can be kind of cute while on the go.   I suppose one is not obligated to carry an unbelievable shedding cat around like an infant just because she has comfortable pants on.  Likewise, I'm sure I can learn to eat like a controlled and civilized person, even though I have an elastic waistband on.  
   What I'm saying here is, even though lounge wear makes a person physically feel as comfortable as when they're at home, it's important to act civil while wearing it in public.  In other words, don't, "pound," a Pepsi and burp the lyrics of, "La Bamba," while wearing, "jammie," pants at your favorite restaurant.  Side note:  burping, "La Bamba," is something my coworkers and I've been doing for years.  Many props to the two individuals who do it best.  You know who you are.  Wait, with all this talk about bodily functions, cat hair, and gluttony I suddenly feel like I need to prove to the public that I'm not that chic hanging out in the Walmart parking lot smoking cigarettes in her plaid fleece drawstring pants and XL Grumpy Cat T shirt.  If you look at the photographs above you'll notice I'm wearing a, "Golden Girls," T shirt and I quit smoking years ago, so...
   The day I finally passed on wearing denim a good girl friend of mine and I decided to have a ladies night out at the movies.  I'll admit I was feeling kind of lazy that afternoon and by the time evening came around I was not excited to roll from the couch and chase the cat off me.  It was at that moment that I thought about the, "women of the Walmart parking lot."  Suddenly, I thought differently of them. Maybe they weren't all just the cliche lazy, unimaginative slobs, who didn't concern themselves with appearance.  Maybe they were ladies just like me, who were just having an off day and didn't want to concern themselves with their outfits.  Maybe, just maybe sometimes appearance is not the main concern.  Wait...what?!
   So with this new concept of freedom I went forth into the public eye with my, "jammie," worthy ensemble.  Okay it wasn't like I was giving a speech or something, I hid in a dark movie theater where I could guiltily enjoy a serious chic flick among other females.  Speaking of other females, I want to apologize at this time to any lady I may have ever criticized due to what she was wearing. It's none of my damn business why you're wearing pajamas during the daytime.  For this, I'm sorry and, "Hey, no hard feelings about why you never told me how comfortable it is."

  T shirt:  Thrifted
Pants:  Lucky Brand
Moccasins:  Minnetonka
Purse:  Coach

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