Sunday, August 23, 2015


   To begin, I would like to clarify that the above outfit was what I was wearing when I officially composed my, "Aha Moment," for an online campaign featuring the Mutual of Omaha insurance company.  What is an, "Aha Moment," you ask?  I was asking the same thing when I received a random comment on this very blog asking me to be part of their project!  Basically an, "Aha Moment," was described as an event, place, time, or person that may have permanently altered my life for the better.  I was informed that Mutual of Omaha sends a mobile trailer of employees across the country each year searching for inspirational, "Aha Moments," from everyday people. Apparently since one of the stops this year was in Sioux Falls, SD they decided to hunt down local bloggers, a.k.a. people who love to talk about themselves.  I suspect this is how Mutual of Omaha found me.  This ultimately concluded in some serious self reflection in an effort to define my, "Aha Moment."
   If you know me personally you probably already saw the product of my online commercial debut. How could you not, I posted it all over my Facebook wall.  What can I say, I was drunk with the idea of a picture of me that finally moved and talked.  Not that I thought it was perfect by any means.  Am I the only one who is totally creeped out by the sound of my own voice?  Also, I seem to do this slow blinking thing with only one eye while on camera.  Between that and the voice thing I kinda felt like the strange chic on the bus that nobody feels comfortable sitting by.  
   Despite these minor insecurities, I was overall pleased with how my, "Aha Moment," turned out.  I chose to define this moment as when I decided to move back to my rural home state of South Dakota after trying to, "find myself," in the big bad city.  The overall theme of my story was that, rather than looking around the outside world for the answers I was searching for, all I had to do was some reflection inside.  Eventually I learned that I always knew who I was and leaving my comfortable surroundings only hindered this confidence of identity.  Ultimately, I've discovered that through the support of close family and friends I feel capable of pursuing many of my goals.  Goals, a word that brings me to my true, "Aha Moment."  The one I was not quite honest about.
   Now that I'm writing this on my own platform, I'm willing to share my true, "Aha Moment."  The second I read the request from Mutual of Omaha to define this moment I knew what mine was. However, some moments are extremely personal.  Some moments are the type you share, but absolutely not with the Mutual of Omaha logo popping up on the screen after it.  These moments belong to the individual who lived them, not a commercial.  I believe these moments can be important, even cathartic, to reveal but on one's own terms not another's request.  So, with all that being said I can honestly state that my true, "Aha Moment," was when I finally realized once and for all I had to quit drinking.  
   Without going into too much detail, ever since I first tried drinking at the age of 15, alcohol has been a problem for me.  Like many, it has taken me to very dark places, caused me to do despicable things, and destroyed a lot of opportunities for me.  Personally, alcohol represents a pox of misery ranging from low self esteem to an absolute apathetic attitude towards life.  Honestly, it horrifies me to think of what I would be like today if I had never quit drinking but,....
   I DID! and next June it will be five years since I last imbibed.  Whew, so there it is folks.  My true, "Aha Moment."  However, I guess I was being kind of honest on camera when I said my moment was moving back home.  I can state, it's a fact I would've never quit drinking for this amount of time without the support and familiar surroundings of home.  It's also a fact that this new sober version of me is finally feeling confident enough to pursue her goals.  Who knew these would include online inspirational commercials?  Huh...

Overalls:  Calvin Klein  
Boots:  Thrifted
Necklace:  Baublebar

Blind Melon, "Tones of Home," video:
(because this post made me think of this fantastic tune.)

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