Sunday, December 7, 2014

Make it a Grande, Please.

      Ah Choo Wa Wa! it be cold out!  I often joke with friends that living in South Dakota is similar to life on the tundra.  Out of pure curiosity, I looked up the exact definition of the word tundra.  It read," a vast, flat, treeless Arctic region."  I guess I've been wrong all along.  It turns out I'm actually living on the tundra.  This explains a lot.
   I often find myself admiring other fashion blogs.  Sometimes, this admiration morphs into self deprecation.  I wonder things like, why don't I dress in skirts year round?  How come I don't have more designer apparel in my personal collection?  Lastly, how can I attract more reader's attention? Honestly, the answers are simple.  I don't wear skirts year round because I could literally freeze to death if my car decided to die on a country road.  I don't have all designer apparel because, working at a local greenhouse, I simply can't afford it.  Even if I did have the cash, I don't have immediate access to such stores.  Heck, I'm still hoping South Dakota will someday acquire an Anthropologie! Not an unreasonable request in my mind.  The one question that still remains is, how do I attract more readers to my blog?
   I suspect there are many other fashion minded females who live in rather challenging locations.  I also believe there is a large number of women who enjoy the, "sport," of thrifting as much as I do.  I will admit the vast majority of my wardrobe is thrifted.  Often, on this blog, I do not credit items as this because I think it to be more helpful to readers to define the brand.  I guess I always assume one could then troll websites like ebay or Etsy for these specific items, (or am I the only weirdo who does this?)  One of my favorite challenges is to go through old issues of Free People catalogs and then search online for the items I missed out on.  So far I have been fairly successful, but am still trying to locate the, "Mountian Muff Woolenstock Slippers," from the Holiday 2006 issue. Someday they will be mine...oh yes.
   While the internet can remedy the challenge of limited access to desirable stores, I cannot alter the winters in SD.  Therefore, instead of trendy skirts I anticipate a lot of future posts featuring blue jeans, UGG boots, and parkas.  So, basically the, "same ol' same ol'."  Except, life is not the same old thing, because the other day I baffled my barista by ordering a grande sized vanilla latte, instead of a tall!  Yep, I'm just baby steps from hazelnut.

Sweater Jacket:  Thrifted  
Jeans:  Miss Me
Slippers:  Purchased at Target
Purse:  Thrifted
Scarf:  Thrifted (Handmade)
Legwarmers:  Handmade item purchased in Grand Marais, MN
Ring:  Purchased at Craft Fair
Sunglasses:  COACH

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