Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lusting for a Landslide

   As we all know it was recently election season.  It's at this time that suddenly everyone seems to have a die hard knowledge, and opinion, of the happenings in their individual state.  I include myself in this observation.  I guiltily admit that during the rest of the year I find myself putting more thought into things like what I'm going to scrounge up for dinner, and how long will I have to save up for that COACH clutch I've been eyeing, rather than the ethics surrounding the EB-5 scandal in South Dakota.  Not that political issues aren't important to me.  I just find myself getting especially sucked into the hype at this time of year.  
   I find that this kind of, "mob mentality," is often evident when regarding the fashion industry.  For example, the introduction of the UGG boot, the Vera Bradley mini knapsack, and of course, especially in South Dakota, anything that possesses the COACH logo.  Again, I'm still calculating how long it may take to save up for that clutch.  There's just something about the praise of these items, from our peers, that often causes an individual to feel that burning to desire to...what, keep up?
   I think it may be time for myself, and many other fashion minded individuals, to face the fact that fashion is an infinitely evolving trend.  Due to this fact, it is impossible for the average middle class fashionista to, "keep up."  Instead, I believe one should focus their goals on the current image they wish to project to the public.  Not only do I believe it is possible to create a persona through one's wardrobe, I think it's an excellent way to avoid being overwhelmed by the trends and pressured by, "mob mentality," into purchasing items that one will never wear anyway.
   Despite the plan to avoid peer pressure, I will state it is often very satisfying to get the approval of others when regarding one's wardrobe.  Due to the wonders of the internet, it's possible to seek out this approval on a grander scale.  People create things like style blogs, (eh-hem,) and join websites such as, "Chictopia." This is a social network of fashion minded individuals who post their looks on the internet and then vote on these posts in order to establish...huh.  Um, I'm really not sure what I've been voting on, but I am a member of this site and I do enjoy voting on the individuals that I think possess the, "chicest," looks of the day.  I often see people on this website who have over 400 votes.  400 VOTES!  The highest I have managed to collect has been 13 and I was near, "over the moon," at that number.  There is just something about the idea that 13 people I didn't know voted to name me the, "high priestess of fashion"...or something like that.  
   I often question why I care what people think.  What do I get out of a bunch of strangers judging me?  I suspect it's the fact that I take pride in the confidence I have in being judged.  I mean hey, 13 votes is 13 votes.  Don't count me out as a contender for that landslide yet.

Sweater:  Vintage (Acquired from the ugly sweater rack at Savers!)
Shorts:  Thrifted
Boots:  Vintage
Purse:  Thrifted
Purse Charm:  Free People
Sunglasses:  COACH

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