Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bonding with Bonamassa

   As I've gotten older, going to a concert means different things than it used to.  I will admit in my twenties going to a concert meant seeking the most extreme show possible, drinking as much alcohol as was affordable, and wearing the tightest outfit legal for public display.  Thank God I didn't have a style blog back then!  Thinking back on these, "wild times," I find myself reminiscing about...well, nothing.  I don't remember many of these concerts.  I gotta state this fact makes me irritated at my younger self because, "oh, the stories I should have!"  Often, I say to people, "yeah, I've seen Radiohead," and "sure, the Bowie concert was awesome," and don't expand on these statements. This is because many times the only reason I remember seeing them was because I saved the ticket stubs to prove I was there.  
   Now in my ripe old thirties, I have changed a lot of habits and with these changes have come significantly less, but more memorable concerts.  An example of this is an evening I recently spent with Joe Bonamassa and my father.
   Quite honestly when my father approached me about attending this concert I had never heard Bonamassa's music before.  I recognized his name from my days working in a music department shelving jazz albums.  I mean, who can forget a name like Bonamassa?  It kinda rolls off the tongue.  So upon the night of the concert I mentally prepared myself for a mild evening of jazz with dad.  Boy, could I not have been more wrong!  This show was rocking, and I don't mean rocking, "sixty something," dad style.  Besides my, "sixty something," dad grew up rocking to groups like, "The Doors," and, "Cream," so when he told me it was going to be rocking I should have known to listen.  Well listen I eventually did, and the accomplished guitar style of Joe Bonamassa blew me away.  I found the show to be entertaining, exciting, and sometimes even a bit emotional.  I would highly recommend anyone interested in guitar music to check out Bonamassa.  You will remember his name.  It kinda just rolls off the tongue.
   However, what I will remember most about this particular concert was how I felt about my evening out with dad.  Now that I am older and beyond the typical concert cliche behavior, I feel worthy to go and experience an adult evening with my father as his friend, not just his, "kid."  So that's what I did and I had a wonderful time hanging out with him.  A time that I will always remember.

Jacket:  Vintage
Jeans:  Guess
Heels:  Thrifted
Purse:  French Connection
Ring:  Thrifted



  1. Thanks Rayna, I really enjoyed experiencing the Bonamassa concert with you. While you will always be my daughter, we can also be friends. Sharing a great concert experience with someone is special and I hope we can attend a few more in the future. I may not remember much about the Bonamassa concert, but it will not be because I was imbibing at the time. These days I am lucky I can remember my name. Although I am certain that I will remember that I saw Bonamassa with you.