Sunday, July 30, 2017

Marvelous Marni

   To begin, I’d like to start with a comment one of my friend’s made to me.  We had been discussing clothes with a group of people when she nonchalantly mentioned that she was, “thinking of starting to wear her jeans like Rayna does.”  At first I was flattered that anyone would consider mimicking something my trainwreck mind concocted.  However, upon further reflection, I started to wonder, “what was so different about how I wear my jeans?”  Later I posed the ridiculously self-conscious inquiry of, “how do I wear my jeans different than everybody else?”  Her answer was immediate and emphatic.  “You you always cuff them at the bottom or wear them short."
   “Huh,” I thought.  I never considered this habit of mine to be something that was out of the ordinary.  In fact, all of the fashion magazines and bloggers have been doing this sort of thing for quite a while and I was simply following suit.  I always figured if it’s good enough for the heavy hitters in New York, its good enough for the hayseed likes of me in South Dakota.  However, I do realize that I’ve been donning this look for nearly four years now and fashion is a fickle thing.  I guess I just figured perhaps the ladies of the Midwest would start to eventually wear their jeans cropped and I would stop looking like the paranoid Doomsday lady looking to build an ark.
    I will state that when first introduced to the idea, cropped and cuffed jeans looked ridiculous to me as well.  A few years ago I remember my favorite fashion blogger announcing the, “baby bell bottom or cropped flair,” as the next biggest thing in fashion.  While I was mighty skeptical at first, this lemming couldn’t wait to jump off that cliff with her.  Unfortunately, no one here on the high plains had any knowledge of the baby bell bottom and people kept looking at me like, “why the hell is that Amazonian woman wearing such little pants?”
   While I’m aware that the cropped pant can’t last forever I admit that I’m going to ride this train until it totally derails.  One could argue there are many benefits to wearing your pants in this manner.  The first being it's a welcome distraction from the dreaded skinny jean.  While I’m wearing cropped flairs I have absolutely no concerns about how my thighs look.  Around here everybody’s too distracted by the question, “what’s up with short pants over there?”  The other benefit to this look is one can take any old pair of sloppy thrift store jeans and whack off the bottom cuffs in order to create a chic look.  There has not been a cheaper trend since Grunge…which by the way was another one of my deep fashion loves.  The last, and most important, benefit of wearing little pants is one’s ability to show off their shoes!  While I adore wearing bell bottoms and bootcut I despise how they hide my footwear. 
   Of course, it could be argued that this last point is also the ultimate downfall of the cropped craze.  While I’ve saved quite of bit of money in regards to purchasing denim I’ve justified way too many expensive shoe purchases simply because I’m confident I can display them properly.  The above photographs provide a perfect example of this.  I went insane one day and finally purchased a pair of Marni sandals that were on clearance.  While they make me near 7’ tall, they are one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.  In addition, when I put them on I know I’m wearing designer duds and can’t help but strut around a bit.  On the day I wore this outfit I walked into one of the local trendy boutiques and instead of the usual, “there’s short pants side glance,” I usually receive from the hipsters working there I got, “Wow, I love your outfit!”  That alone is worth designer prices.

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