Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Haute Out!

   It was just a few posts back that I proclaimed I was trying not to complain about the weather.  Of course the title, "It's Haute Out!" is proof that my word means little.  However, I believe my protests are justified.  I mean, come on people, it’s hot outside! 
   On the day I took the above photographs I was worried about showing sweat.  I want to elaborate that this concern is a big deal for me, considering I’m one of those freaks that does not sweat…like ever.  I want to note that this is a very physically unhealthy thing and not something to be desired.  I can also state it seems to annoy everyone around me during the hot summer months.  I can’t help but chuckle every time I think back to my days working at the greenhouse.  I would lament, "I was hot!," and then glance at my pissed off looking coworker who was soaking wet with sweat.  I remember him always ragging on the fact that, "Rayna does not stoop to sweating, she glistens."  
   While it appears to take the hubs of Hades for me to actually physically show I’m hot, I'll admit it takes barely anything for me to bitch about the weather.  Of course, I used to do a lot more complaining when I refused to bare my legs in public.  Yes, I was one of those.  I don’t think any skin above my ankles saw the sun from the age of sixteen to thirty five.  Honestly, just recently I’ve become comfortable with exposing my knees.  Today I question why I'm more confident with my thirty eight year old knees than I was when they were twenty four.  I guarantee my legs were better looking all those years ago.  Today I mourn the fact that my twenty-something self had such image issues.  Oh! if I’d only had the guts to wear one pair of hot pants!!!  Would my life have turned out much differently?  I’m fairly certain it would have, and upon further consideration it would most likely not have been for the better.  Of course, here I am bragging about showing off my knees when I’m wearing jeans in all the pictures featured in this post.  Okay, so old habits die hard.  However, on this particular day I was mentally scolding myself for not wearing my long shorts. 
   In addition to the weather being uncomfortable, I was attempting to find a new location for blog pictures.  I'd decided to drive to a rather industrial area of town in order to find a semi urban looking setting.  However, due to the blazing heat I decided not to venture far from my vehicle in case I temporarily blacked out and needed to crawl to air conditioning.  As a result, all of the pictures above were taken from locations that were very close to moving traffic.  Now nothing makes one feel like more of an idiot than taking glamour shots in front of strangers.  While I may no longer care what people think of my, “ugly,” legs I still seem to be concerned with their views on my sanity…which admittedly was questionable that day.  The only justification I have for my actions is, “Hey, I liked my outfit!”
   Luckily I not only survived the unrelenting heat, I did so without a hint of glistening to be seen in my photos.  Of course, I feel these images could have turned out better had I not chosen to take pictures in such a populated area.  I was self-conscious of the eyes of those driving by…actually I was more consciously paranoid by the other unbalanced individuals around me who were roaming the streets on such a dangerously hot day.  Come to think of it they didn’t seem to be sweating either.  Huh…uh oh…

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