Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Hello me, it's me again."

   This week I decided to use the deeply introspective lyrics of a Megadeth song in order to title my post.  Of course, I’m being super sarcastic with this last comment.  I've always thought, “Hello me, it’s me again,” was a ridiculous line for a song.  However taking into account the number of times I’ve felt compelled to listen to this little ditty, I have to question if I’m really mocking anything.  "Sigh"…alright I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I really dig Megadeth.  "Sometimes," meaning I named a blog post after their lyrics and I've seen them in concert...twice.  Whew! That was tough to admit!
   Anyway, cheesy metal aside, the phrase, “Hello me, it’s me again,” perfectly describes how I’ve been feeling lately.  Honestly looking at these pictures now is giving me some serious, “ho-hum,” vibes.  As a result, I’m finding it hard to get enthused about posting lately.  Actually that’s not totally true.  In reality I’m very stoked to start posting some of the new pictures I’ve been taking.  Unfortunately I have a backstock of photographs from the past few months that I feel guilty about trashing in order to skip to the good stuff.  I’m trying to view this challenge as a test of self-control.  However I know all too well how my willpower has panned out in the past.  Let’s just say I don’t have to buy another purse for the rest of my life…but I will.
   The reason I’m so excited to publish some of my latest pictures is because I’ve been taking them in a whole different way.  After four years of blogging I've changed my routine.  This is HUGE for me.  I don't often alter my behavior, despite the fact that every time I have it's usually resulted in a positive change.  I'm embarrassed to admit that the catalyst for all this upheaval is yet again my iPhone.  Okay, so I realize I’ve mentioned my new phone in several posts now.  I'm also aware of how incredibly pathetic this is.  However, I have to justify my behavior by stating yet again, “All this technology is brand new to me!”  I had never even touched a smartphone until I got my own…like a month ago.  Think of a person from 2002, who is suddenly transported to 2017, and you’ve got an accurate depiction of me and the reaction I have towards my phone.  I simply can’t get over this amazing little gadget!
   As a result, I’ve become obsessed with my phone’s camera.  I find the quality of these images to be outstanding.  I also am so excited with how portable my hobby has become.  In the past I always resorted to taking blog pictures at home.  I felt self-conscious about the idea of lugging around a big camera and tripod in public.  Now all I have to do is subtly slip my phone and miniature tripod in one of my many purses...I knew there was a reason I was hoarding them...and away I go, to whatever exotic location South Dakota can provide.  I’m so pleased to finally have images of me not standing in front of a barn door…even though that door has served me well for many years.  In addition, I’m absolutely in love with the photography apps I’ve found.  I can't believe how I can now alter my images to whatever I want.  The purist in me kind of considers it cheating, but honestly altered images can be so much more interesting!
   In conclusion, the post, “Hello me, it’s me again,” is my frustrated reaction at having to wait to reveal the photographs I’ve been really excited about.  The pictures featured in this post are of the same old lady, hanging around her same old yard, wearing her same old boots, listening to the same old metal songs, fighting the same old wind in order to try to get that perfect shot…naturally.  It’s no wonder I’ve never been a big fan of nature art.

Shirt:  Vintage
Jeans:  Kasil Workshop
Boots:  Sundance
Purse:  Banana Republic
Necklace:  House of Harlow 
Earrings:  Kenneth Cole
Sunglasses:  Versace

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  1. First, thank you for blogging about my guiltiest music pleasure, I snorted coffee reading this and relived a lot of terrible lyrics in a moment. Nice story, tell it to Reader's Digest.
    Second, welcome to the world of the future and enjoy all the widgets and doodads it brings. The camera apps are fun to play with and there are a multitude of them.
    Lastly, if you haven't already heard the Symphony of Destruction reggae mash up, here it is