Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gracias Debra...ha...ha...

   I am one lucky lady.  I'm in awe at how wonderful my friends really are.  I mean for God's sake, I'm constantly shocked to hear several of my friends actually take the time to read my often ridiculous, and always random blog posts.  I mean we're talking paragraphs that revolve around impersonating auctioneers, my seemingly unending battle against rodents in my vehicle, and of course, the Ebola virus.  All of which are topics that relate closely to the world of really.  My point is I'm extremely flattered every time an individual approaches me and states, "Hey, your last blog post was really funny," or, "I totally identified with that crazy eye twitch you were talking about"... because it's always nice to hear you're not the only one who suffers from uncontrollable facial spasms.  (Which designer sunglasses are perfect for covering up.  If one needs yet another reason to justify this type of guilty purchase.)
   Seriously though, it's amazing to me how supportive people can be.  Especially when they're being subjected to mindless prose in it's purest form.  This being said, I would like to especially thank my friend Debra...ha...ha..., (and one has to say her name just that way), for the absolutely beautiful vintage dress I'm wearing in the photographs above.
   Like me, Debra...ha...ha... is one who stems from a strong creative persuasion.  She is a person of projects, a collector of things, and a patron of the arts.  She understands the importance of lending one's support and encouragement towards the artistic work of others.  She also understands the need to feed other artists...because they're often broke...and starving.  Also, the woman makes an unbelievable egg bake and apple muffins!  Which I would argue alone sparks this artist's creative fires.  Mostly Debra...ha...ha... is an extremely perceptive person who not only takes the time to identify other individuals' passions, but shares in their enthusiasm for them.  She is the type of woman to bring you an original Montgomery Ward Fall/Winter fashion catalog from 1943.  She is that rare kind of individual who gives you a dress, a family heirloom originally belonging to her mother in the 1940's and says, "I know you love vintage clothing.  I thought you may like this." Lastly she's the type of friend that will put aside for you the last delicious homemade apple muffin, because you weren't working the day she brought them in.  However, she is not the the type of lady to stay around and clean up afterwards.  Because as she states herself, "Debbie does not do the dishes." This statement alone has always made me like her even more.
   I guess what I want to get across here is my friend Debra...ha...ha... is a giver.  She's also a bit of a hippie...maybe a smidgen more than just a bit.  In some ways I fancy myself a tad hippie as well. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I truly believe that all individuals are extremely intertwined.  I credit a large portion of my quirks, talents, and overall personality to the people I've spent this life with.  Every James Brown dance party I've had with someone, every all night wanna be Pollock painting session, every, "let's make tuna melts and hit the road towards Minneapolis," at 4 AM, every Janis Joplin sing along, every movie night quaffing down at least twenty chicken nuggets while watching, "Nosferatu,"  every concert I've attended with a band wearing Mexican wrestling masks and singing Christmas carols, every meaningful conversation I've had sitting on a porch with someone wearing matching cowboy hats, every six hour cruise around town with absolutely no destination only to stop once to pick up a couch and fur coat at the thrift store, (This one I just did with my brother last time I was in Fargo.  Best day ever!), every one of these memories and a million more were spent with people that shared endless stories with me.  (How's that for a major run-on sentence?)  With each new person I meet, I feel like I gain a whole new worldview through the stories and feelings they choose to tell with me.  So thank you Debra...ha...ha... for sharing not only many of your wonderful stories, but also your mother's beautiful dress.  I feel like now a piece of me knows a little of her story as well.  

Dress:  Vintage (Gift from Debra...ha...ha...)
Heels:  Kenneth Cole
Belt:  Anthropologie
Purse:  Kate Spade
Hat:  San Diego Hat Company
Bracelet:  (Purchased at The Classic located in Moorhead, MN.)


*The picture above is of my friend Debra...ha...ha's mother Dorie circa 1940s. (The original owner of the dress)  An item that has been passed from one stylish lady, to the next, to the next.