Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"

   Recently, I had the opportunity to dress up in order to work at a local charity fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.  Now, it would be ideal to state that the only reason I would volunteer for such an event would be out of genuine concern for the well being of animals.  While I do harbor a genuine affection for all things cute and fuzzy, I must also admit to a definite yen for fancy appetizers, occasionally rubbing elbows with those on the who's who list, and finally, dusting off one of the many grossly underused dresses I hoard in my closet.  All I can say is for a so-called, "style blogger," there seems to be a whole lot of casual denim going on around here.
   However, what's the average lady living in South Dakota supposed to do?  Especially when one works at the fairly blue collar environment of a greenhouse.  The opportunity to, "strut one's stuff," wardrobe wise is a rather rare occurrence.  As a result, when I was confronted with the possibility of a night on the town wearing something other than my mandatory workday uniform of a periwinkle, (don't you just hate that color based on the name alone), polo shirt and, "respectable," blue jeans, I jumped at the chance.  Basically, I wanted a night to feel like a girl.  I desired a night to, respectfully, show I have legs.  For God's sake, I needed a night to wear shoes that weren't unisex!  
   The above photographs demonstrate what I styled for an evening among the elite philanthropists of my community.  Overall, I was pleased with my selection of items.  However, upon taking these photographs before the event I became very aware of how borderline goth I was starting to look. Maybe it was the extremely sunny backgrounds, or my unfortunate, yet absolute, inability to smile for the camera on demand.  Whatever the real reason, I had no problem outright laughing at what a little black rain cloud I had transformed myself into while hanging out in all that lovely green foliage. All I could think was, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"
   Despite my growing insecurities that this outfit may be a titch to dark for a summer charity fundraiser, I acknowledged the fact that overall it was inherently me.  I love to wear black.  A stranger could define this about me upon walking into my compulsively color coded closet where there is a huge section of black followed by a whole lot of red, fringe, sequins, and oh...I guess some of those other colors too.  In fact, a day before the actual event a like minded friend tried to strike a deal with me that neither one of us would wear black that evening.  I agreed that this was an interesting idea and, "I would be wearing a purple dress instead."  Of course, twenty four hours later I showed up, "little black rain cloud," style .  All I can say is never trust a woman in all black.  
   In conclusion, despite the rather grim color scheme of my outfit, I had a very pleasant evening at a rather uplifting event.  It is at this time that I would like to reiterate that overall the night was ultimately about helping the cute and fuzzy animals.  Whether their names be something like Buster or Beetlejuice.

Dress:  Miss Me
Heels:  Thrifted
Purse:  Vintage


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