Sunday, April 27, 2014


   I am a huge advocate of the concept, "keeping it local."  I make a conscientious effort to frequent local restaurants, boutiques, and events whenever possible.  With the guilty exceptions of Starbucks, Savers, and Barnes & Noble there are few corporate haunts I inhabit.  
   Okay, so there are those few months in the depths of winter that I find myself walking the mall a lot.  Yeah, and T.J. Maxx is situated conveniently beside the mall, so that's just an easy stop.  Well, and of course, Wendy's drive thru is a total no-brainer when one is trying to appease a cranky boyfriend because you may have stayed out too late at the mall when you were supposed to be grocery shopping. Wait, I feel like I am loosing credibility here.  Let me try to redeem myself.  I ASPIRE to be a huge advocate of, "keeping it local."  That's worth something, isn't it?
   One of these opportunities presented itself a short while back when I attended a fashion show at a local lounge.  Now let me explain, due to my global location, fashion shows are few and far between.  That being stated, any time I see one of these type of events I try to be present.  This is true even if I am the aging part hipster, part wallflower standing in the back.  
   Despite my recent increased feelings of old age when confronted with bar culture, I had a fantastic time at this event.  I was delighted to see a menagerie of local socialites all interested in fashion, one of the topics I most enjoy.  It was refreshing to see the public's enthusiasm to support local businesses and designers.  Mostly, I enjoyed seeing what all these people were wearing to an event where fashion was key.  I love blogs regarding everyday, "street style," and if I weren't such a novice at blogging I would have approached some people about photographing their looks.  Take my word for it, the Midwest is, "representing," quite well.   So, I guess my point here is I want to urge people to aspire to be advocates of, "keeping it local."  Look around the next time you are quietly sipping your Sprite in the back of bumping nightclub.  You may notice the locals you see are looking pretty swanky.  How can one ignore such a fashionable community?

Jacket:  Nick & Mo
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Boots:  Thrifted
Purse:  French Connection
Hat:  Thrifted
Scarf:  Vintage (Laura Ashley)
Ring:  Monserat De Lucca

*Two of the fashion show vendors included:  ELOFSON  and Darling Vintage  

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