Sunday, April 20, 2014

Price of Pistachios

   Often in life we are confronted with the question, "how much is too much?"  Most of us living in the Midwest are taught to live frugally.  We are encouraged to take more pleasure in saving then in spending. We find ourselves feeling guilty about spending frivolously on ourselves out of want, rather than need.  Lucky for me and my wardrobe, I don't have this guilt complex.  Unfortunately for my savings account, I know what gives me pleasure and it's often spending my hard earned paycheck on handbags, unique separates, and vintage apparel.  We only live once and I figure we may as well look decent while doing it.
   So going back to the question at hand, "how much is too much?"  Can I justify spending triple-digits on a handbag?  Absolutely!...but should I, perhaps not.  My personal rule is if I can't afford to pay for it now, I can afford to live without it.  Sounds like a simple concept but it is one that is sometimes near impossible to adhere to.  This goes double when one is trolling Etsy for one of a kind vintage pieces and comes across something they will NEVER find again.  Well, we all cheat sometimes, right?
   It simply comes down to the fact that clothing gives me joy.  Do I have too much of it, yes.  Do I need to buy another handbag for the rest of my life, no.  Is there a narcissistic stigma attached to those of us who adore the fashion industry, probably.  However, in a world where the nightly news contains horror stories full of incidents like hijacked planes and public shootings, I believe anything that gives a person a little happy is a positive thing.  
   So, I will continue to justify my next handbag purchase.  I will continue skulking about my favorite internet shops.  Finally, I will continue to eat my tiny overpriced bag of pistachios at every lunch because I enjoy these things.  If you are looking for someone to justify a similar guilty pleasure, look no further.  I am your girl.

Sweater:  Vintage
Jeans:  Silver Jeans
Boots:  ESPRIT
Scarf:  Blutsgeschwister
Purse:  Juicy Couture
Sunglasses:  Kate Spade SATURDAY
Earrings:  Lucky Brand

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