Monday, June 19, 2017

Art Intermission

   A few weeks back I wore this outfit and the glamour shots I took turned out so bad I actually sent one of them to my brother just so he could share some laughs with me.  Of course he ended up using that image as my profile picture on his cell phone, just so he could relive the mockery each time I call.  Honestly, I totally approve.  It was a damn funny photo. 
   Among all the garbage pictures I acquired that day, I was able to catch one decent image.  The above picture was that photograph.  After about an hour of tinkering with it on my phone I finally created something I was pleased with.  I call it, “Self Portrait 5,” despite the fact that it should probably be referred to as, "Resurrection,” since I literally brought something to life out of a bunch of dead ends.
   The reason I specifically chose to post, “Self Portrait 5,” this week is due to the fact that it ties in nicely to a movie I'm dying to see.  In this picture I’m wearing a Wonder Woman t shirt I acquired many years ago at Goodwill.  I think it’s noteworthy to mention this shirt was handmade by someone and the Wonder Woman logo is rather imperfectly painted on it's front.  Of course, this is what attracted me in the first place.  I remember pulling this piece out of the discount bin and thinking, “this must be someone’s discarded attempt at a Halloween costume!”  Immediately I brought it home.  I love amateur clothing designs…mostly because I’m guilty of creating so many of my own.  Let’s just say I’m a patchwork prima donna and proud of it. 
   In addition to the affection I hold towards kitschy clothing, I must confess I do love Wonder Woman.  I’m actually quite excited to see the new movie…as soon as it hits the cheap seats, of course.  I remember being obsessed with the 1970’s TV series when I was little.  I would stare at Lynda Carter and marvel, “she has beauty… she has brains…and look at that outfit!!!”  In my attempt to emulate such a powerful idol I remember wearing a Wonder Woman pajama set while sleeping in my Wonder Woman sleeping bag…which I still do to this da… kidding.  I have no idea where that sleeping bag ended up.  Not to mention that would be really weird…right?  Considering it now, I'm starting to realize all of my Wonder Woman memorabilia was related to the theme of sleeping.  I guess the only way I could even come close to Lynda Carter’s level of awesomeness was in my dreams.
   Oddly enough, just this week someone asked me where he should take a first date.  My immediate response was, “to the Wonder Woman movie.”  I reasoned it had the super hero action that he liked, and a fantastic female role model for her.  Looking back at all the dismal pictures I decided not to post of this outfit, I simply don’t understand why I can’t look as good as Wonder Woman while wearing her iconic symbol.  Thank God my phone’s camera app has super powers when I clearly don’t.

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