Sunday, February 14, 2016

Forget Skinning the Cat!!!

   Recently, it occurred to me that there may be more than one way to wear a scarf.  “Well duh,” you’re probably thinking.  However, I’m serious when I state that it never occurred to me that I have styling options when dealing with neck-wear.  To explain, I’d first like to point out that I’m not known for being the most observant person out there.  I also admit to having a strong tendency towards doing things the same way for like…ever.  For example, a couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on how I couldn’t figure out that I should turn my camera vertically in order to effectively photograph an entire outfit from head to toe.  I was simply so used to taking horizontal pictures it never occurred to me that by simply turning the body of the camera I would be able to better crop my style images.  Actually, I was reminded of this blog post the other day when my father pointed out that I could store my vinyl albums in a much more productive manner if I simply set them inside my milk crates rather than slide them in, "bookcase style."  It honestly never occurred to me to store them any other way.  This statement is true, despite the fact that even record stores have their merchandise displayed the way he suggested in order for shoppers to easily flip through albums while viewing their covers.  “What the hell is wrong with me?” I thought as I began the laborious process of rearranging my music collection.
   I would like to think that the reason I overlook so many of the alternative answers to life’s little, “problems,” is because I’m busy ruminating about major philosophical topics.  While I'll mention, I do spend a lot of time thinking about the supremely weird and abstract, I'll also confess to being kind of a, “half-assed,” type person…especially when I’m not interested in a situation.  Okay, so maybe I enjoy the process of picking out an outfit more than I do photographing it.  In addition, I find it totally believable to think that I much prefer listening to my records than meticulously organizing and storing them…lets add cleaning them to the list as well.  I could care less about the inevitable cat hair vinyl seems to attract.  Huh, considering this statement makes me wonder if there is an effective way to keep feline fur off vinyl.  I just always accepted the fact that I have hairy records and a cat who seems to love classic rock. 
   The day I took the photographs above I had yet another, "revelation."  All of a sudden it occurred to me that I could tuck my scarf into my belt transforming it into something like a sweater vest.  Now, am I taking credit for figuring out a new trend?  Hardly, I’m pretty sure I saw something similar plastered all over the pages of Free People years ago.  However, I am giving myself kudos for finally realizing that I was capable of wearing such a thing.  On this particular day wearing my scarf simply tied around my neck was underwhelming, not to mention it's length kept covering up a belt I wanted to show off.  Suddenly I realized, “Wait, just put the belt over the scarf!”  It’s like the first time I thought, “Hey, I don’t always have to wear my belts through the belt loops of my pants!  I can wear them at my natural waist line and put them over my shirts!  Holy crap, did anyone else know a belt can actually be used as an adornment, rather than just a functional piece to hold one’s pants up?!”  I’d like to say that these thoughts occurred to me a long time ago…"Uh, they didn’t.”  As a result, future pictures may make it extremely obvious to my readers, that I’m really into belts as of late.  I mean come on, it’s like a necklace for one’s waist!      
   I guess posts like this one should disturb me.  Why don’t I think outside of the box, (or milk crate,) once in a while?  Why is it that I accept things simply because I’ve always done them a particular way?  Perhaps, the next step toward enlightenment will be wearing a dress as a shirt.  Nah, I’ve done that.  Maybe I should flip my headband from traditional style to horizontal, hippie style.  Nope, rode that train as well.  I know, how about I wear my blue jeans backwards?  It worked for rappers Kris Kross, why can’t it work for me?  Yep, I could wear my pants backwards...I know, I’ll roll one leg up and leave the other one down…maybe I’ll pair this with a crop top…there should be fringe, lots of fringe...and wait, would it be weird to belt a camouflage jacket?…

Shirt:  DKNY Pure
Jeans:  Henry & Belle
Belt:  Vintage
Boots:  Ugg
Purse:  Vintage  (Dooney & Bourke)
Scarf:  The Limited
Necklace:  Self made
Sunglasses:  Gift from Al  (Versace)

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