Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tucked in Tight

   Old habits die hard.  Which means that new habits are sometimes darn hard to form.  Especially for someone with borderline OCD tendencies.  What can I say, I like things to go orderly.  However, fashion is a topic that is forever changing.  Today's trends may be tomorrow's tragedies.  If a lady would like to stay current in the, "latest thing," she had better be able to adapt to what the, "powers that be," dictate as chic.
   Lately, this lady has finally come to the revelation that the style media is telling her to, "stop looking like such a slob girl, and tuck in that shirt!"  Tuck in that shirt, I wonder.  Why I haven't done that since about 1993 and even then I believe I pulled the back half of it out to cover my tail end. Tuck in my shirt, I ponder.  Is it possible I could finally join the high waist fad I've been blathering on about for near a year now?  Huh, tuck in my shirt and there won't be that weird ridge underneath it caused by a high waist pant or skirt.  Instead, I may actually have a waist.  Here's an idea, let's add a belt!  Wait, so my shirt will be tucked in and I'll have a belt on meaning I can totally bend over if I drop something?  When I say bend over I mean at the waist instead of that weird half crouch, back to the corner thing I've done for so long in an attempt to not flash passers by.  Oh my god, do I even remember how to bend at the waist?  It feels so freeing!
   Yes, I've been threatening to join the high waist bandwagon for quite a while now but I just couldn't get past how bulky these pieces looked when I styled them.  Then finally I realized, "tuck your shirt in dumb ass," and life as I've known it has changed forever.  Not only has my wardrobe potential expanded with this revelation, but I foresee my mobility also greatly improving.  Now without the threat of inappropriately exposing myself to the public due to low rise jeans, I can pursue that career I always wanted as a gymnast!  Heck, I may even start throwing my crap on the ground on purpose so I can show off just how nimble I can be while picking it up.  Maybe I'll even achieve my dream of touching my toes again without bending at the knees!  Ok, let's not get too crazy here.
   I guess what I'm saying is simply, I'm going to start tucking my shirt in sometimes.  I really like the new found freedom it's given me.  I now feel secure that my clothing is resting the way it should. I also feel confident that you readers may see me wearing a lot more high waist items.  By this I mean I'm looking for pants and skirts with a zipper over half as long as my forearm.  Because, I'm sick of worrying about flashing my behind at people.  I want to feel classy and secure when I go out in public. Most of all I want to feel comfortable, as comfortable as I am when I'm tucked in tight at bedtime.  In high waist jammies, of course.

T Shirt:  Purchased at the Electric Fetus (Duluth, MN)  Support Local Record Stores!!!
Skirt:  Thrifted  (Handmade)
Boots:  Thrifted
Belt:  Anthropologie
Purse:  Vintage
Necklace:  Vintage (Avon)
Sunglasses:  Dolce and Gabbana

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